Ab Roller Exercises : Advanced Ab Roller Oblique Exercise

Moving on to those advanced obliques. With
the ab roller, what we’re going to do, is we’re going to take our ab roller, gripping
it ever so gently, but you have to have a good grip on there, bringing it down to the
floor. Again, feet, oh, I’m sorry, knees are about hip width apart, and you want to go
ahead and grab on to that ab roller, pulling that belly button into the spine. Again, we’re
working on those obliques, so we’re going to go to the right, and then we’re going to
pull it back in. Going a little bit farther when we did on that intermediate. So you really
want to reach it out there. And you’re pulling that belly button into the spine, so you’re
working those abs. Want to work those abs. On the advanced obliques, what we want to
do, is twelve to fifteen reps, and that’s about three sets. Twelve to fifteen reps,
and three sets. Take it out, and in. Out, and then bring it back in. Again, you can
focus on one side first, and then the other side. I’m really feeling these, oh boy. It’s
going to feel great. I might even feel them tomorrow. Alright, so that is how we do advanced
obliques with the ab roller.

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  1. If you actually use it then it will completely destroy your midsection. The ab roller is abdominal power in a fairly large pocket.

    And yes, you have to use your legs because it's physically impossible to crunch yourself up from a rollout.

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