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– Hey everybody, I’m Amanda Kloots and this is Well and Good’s
Trainer of the Month club. This week, we’re gonna be
focusing on advanced dance cardio so think a little bit more dancing moves, some fancier foot work, but don’t worry, I got you covered. The first two songs, I’m
gonna teach you the dance, and then the last song, we’re
gonna dance our hearts out. So have a great time! (upbeat dance music) Feet out nice and wide, lift up through your abs. We’re gonna reach up,
take it down, out, in, give me a booty pop. Okay, hold on, don’t freak out. Here we go, we lift up, to the knee, out, in, a little booty. One more time. Up, down, out, in, booty. I want you to bring your knee in, take it out, bring your
knee in, and take it down. So we go up, down, out,
booty, in, in, down. Uh-huh, here we go. Five, (handclapping) six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. Good, try it one more time, here we go. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, two jumps! Two jacks. Good, try that again. Out, in. Two jumps, two jacks. Good! Let’s focus on the other side, up! To the knee, out, in, booty pop, knee in, take it back,
knee in, take it down. Just that part one more time slow again. Up, down, out, in, booty pop, in, in, down. A little faster that side up! and out. Two jumps forward, two jumps up. That side again and reach. And in, and two, and out. From the top one each side. Whoow! And up and go on! Out and reach. Moving on we got the
jumping jack leap forward. Leap forward. So we’re alternating feet jumping jack right, left. Good, good four more. Three more. Two more. So good. Next move out, in, out together. Let’s just focus on the feet first. Two more times, one more time. Now, the arm goes out, down, cross. Out, down, cross, out, down, cross. Put that together. Again. Again we go out, down, cross, out, down, cross. And cross and cross, good! You’re doing so well,
let’s start from the top. Here we go. Put everything so far together. Breathe, five, six, reach up. (handclap) Booty. Two jumps and reach. Other side. Booty. Two jumps. Jumping jack leap. And one. And two. Two more. Take down arm. Good! How’d you do? Moving on. We’ve got step touch. Let’s go from here one more time. Go one, these four of these. Right, left, right, left. Step touch, one, two, three, four. We gonna do a three step turn towards the front of the room,
one, two, three together. Let’s just do those step touches. Here we go. Whoohh! Two, three, four (handclap)
step, turn together. Try it one more time. One, (snap) two, three,
four, (handclap) one. Good, last thing in the whole routine we reach up and out with that leg. Cross and take it down. Turn. And give me a clap (handclap). Arm goes up, leg goes out. Arm goes down, leg crosses. Whoohh! You turn, you give me a clap. (handclap) A little faster. Haap! (handclap) Again (handclap). Add those (handclap) step touches. (handclap)
One. To the front (handclap) of the room. Unto three do (handclap) lotta again. Three-step turn. (handclap) Whoohh! One more time (handclap) reach! (handclap) One, two, three, four!
(handclap) How you doing? Not bad right? Here we go from this part, one more time. We go one. Two. Three. Step touch, one, two, three, four. Three-step turn, (handclap) out, cross, down, clap.
(handclap) So good you guys. (upbeat music) All right. Here we go we gonna
put everything together and make it one big dance. We gonna repeat it over and over again. Here we go, legs out. Let’s dance it out. Whoohh! (upbeat dance music) (handclap)
Lift up. Two jumps forward, one. Reach! One. Whooh! Step touch, here we go! One! Cross turn! From the top!
(hanclap) Reach! Two jumps. Arms up! Booty, one! Knees up! Jumping jack leap forward, one. Right arm, right leg. Step touch. Three-step turn. (handclap) From the top (handclap) one. Two jumps. Reach! Whoohh! Two jumps. Jumping jack leap. Really come forward on that opposite leg. Right arm, right leg, strong arms. Step touch. Three turn.
(handclap) Arm, leg. (handclap)
Whoow! Whooh! Reach! Booty. Jumping jack leap forward. Whoohh! Strong arms. Right arm, right leg.
(handclap) Haap! Turn! Right arm, left arm. And again (handclap) we go up! Reach! Jumping jack leap forward. One. Right arm, right leg. And two. Two more. Last one. Take a big breath. Whoow! All right guys you did it that was you advance dance cardio workout for this week if you want to you can put that on repeat and do it again or you can add it on to the workouts that we
did earlier this month for a mega-charged a.k workout. I hope you had a great time. Thanks for dancing with me. If you want more workouts like this subscribe to Well and Good YouTube channel so can start working out, right now. (upbeat dance music)

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