Aesthetics on Omegle 7: Setting Myself on Fire | Connor Murphy

Why did you bring your girl on Omegle? We have nothing to do. Well bro doing nothing is a lot better than getting your girl stolen. You wanna see something? But we both have our shirts off, and your girl has been looking at me the whole time. Oh yes. Alright guys so I’m start ing to feel a little bit too cocky. You know just taking off my shirt for no reason. I don’t want these girls to think I’m a complete d**chebage So for this last reaction, I think I need to find a better excuse to take off the shirt. Oh my gosh! I’m on fire! Oh my gosh! Alright guys so that’s it for today. Shoutout to this guy for coming up with that fire idea. But guys unless you’re a trained professional like me Please do not try that at home alright. Also I apologize for anyone who really liked the long hair. I have a photoshoot with Academy Sports this week and they needed it short. So sorry about that. Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are epic videos coming out soon. And also follow me on Instagram.

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