Alicia Busic’s Success Story-Twice Bitten CrossFit

I am, my name is Alicia, I am 26 I currently work at the church as a social worker Just busy, I work full time, going to school full time and so it’s just my life with chaotic and I still on chaotic… and so thinking about adding in work out to my schedule with a little overwhelming But I felt like I needed some kinda stress reliever I hadn’t work down and so on and so you know, even just climbing up down in stairs was difficult You know I can’t catch up myself being out of breath and I really started to see, how out of shape I was and I also just the way to deal stress I just needed some kinda alley to deal with stress in my job and then also with school Am I have always been kinda overwhelmed with gym and working out with people here with so much better, so much more upset and so that was something that I was really nervous about, I didn’t know what its gonna be like and so I just don’t wanna look weak, I didn’t wanna embarrass myself and I just didn’t know what to expect I don’t feel like I’m the underdog, I feel like I’m right there with everyone You know there’s workouts that I struggle with that other people do great out and then the opposite were, there’s workout that I do great out and other people struggle out and so I feel like that so different, day to day that, I don’t really feel like I’m kind of the weak right here So actually feel like a community and teen My energy is really different specially after workout, I might ready to… I feel stronger, you know I have more muscle now… I don’t get tired as easily, you know it probably continue to lose some weight I’ve lost 10 lbs. so far, that’s my biggest thing there, to see results in order to really stick with things and so to be able to feel a difference,
it was really good for me…

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  1. would have loved to know how long she's been working out, or after how many work outside did she feel like she was apart of the team, and her results

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