All In: Brent Fikowski – Episode 1 – Journal Preview

My name is Brent Fikowski, and I grew up in Canada. I am a competitive CrossFit athlete. – He is all in in everything that he does. – Never forgets to mention the people who helped him get there. – How well he did last year meant nothing this year. – So he’s just a guy that– he’s just all in with everything. [Fikowski]: Yeah, it gonna really really hurt. [crowd cheering]
Let’s go! Get up! Come on! We were all like, “Ohhh.” [Fikowski]: My body just wasn’t able to hold on as hard as my mind. – ‘Cause for him, those extra six weeks of strength training are extremely valuable when he makes it to Regionals and the Games. [Fikowski]: You need to release the outcome. You need to surrender the outcome that you could fail.

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  1. If you don't have access to the CrossFit Journal, for the record ….. you should.
    But if you don't and wanted to watch this first episode in full, Telus Storyhive released it on their YouTube channel here

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