He metsPeter Alonso he will probably never wear a mustache again in his life.

Alonso, who previously he shaved off his mustache mid-game in 2019decided to go clean shaven before leaning on wednesday with milwaukee.

The star slugger entered Wednesday’s game against the Brewers mired in an 11-0 slump that saw his batting average drop to a paltry .136. Also, his team lost its first two games against Milwaukee by a combined score of 19-0.

After some terrible at-bats in recent games, Alonso decided to get rid of his facial hair, this time before the first pitch.

The attempt to turn around his luck at the plate paid off in the top of the third inning when the 2019 MLB home run leader (53) threw the first pitch of his at-bat against Corbin Burnes over the right field wall.

He two run blastAlonso’s second home run of the season, tied the game 4–4.

During the SNY broadcast, former two-time World Series champion (and famed mustache wearer) Keith Hernandez said the quiet part out loud: “I guarantee you, right now, that mustache won’t come back.”

Two innings later, Alonso drove a slow, slow pitch over the wall in left center field for his second home run of the day, giving the Mets a 6–4 lead.

Pete Alonso shaved off his mustache and proceeded to go to the patio twice.

We all know that athletes are very superstitious.

It’s safe to assume that facial hair is a thing of the past for the polar bear.

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