Amazfit Bip 2 weeks on review – 2019 Best GPS Fitness Tracker Under $80

This is the Amazfit Bip fitness tracker. I’ve enjoyed the watch for 2 weeks so far. At less than $80 the Amazfit Bip smartwatch and fitness tracker is getting lots of attention. I bullet point it’s best features and explain the
difference between the Amazfit Bip, and the Bip Lite. I’ve got some great products to
test this year so Subscribe and look out for those too.The most striking feature of the Amazfit Bip is the reflective Gorilla Glass touch screen. The brighter it is outside, the better the display gets. It’s something you appreciate every time you wear the watch outside. There’s a backlight you only need for complete darkness. The watch case, or shell as they call it, comes in alternative colors including green and Red. Or you can also get an Amazfit Bip with white shell and white watch strap which looks amazing. This one is Onyx Black. There’s confusion about the Bip and the
Bip lite. The Amazfit Bip can be recongized in store by this sturdy white box, whereas
the Bip lite is packed in a less impressive clear plastic. The main difference is the
Bip has its own built in GPS and GLONASS dual-mode positioning, The Bip also has a geomagnetic sensor for the compass, and has a barometer. Making the Bip a more capable device than the Bip Lite. The quick release strap is really soft and
squishy. It makes you wanna touch it. There’s lots of adjustment for a perfect fit. The
Amazfit Bip is unbelievably light at just 32 grams including the strap. The lack of
weight means you can choose a looser adjustment for even more comfort and it won’t move
around on your wrist. It feels almost weightless and is so comfortable I even wore it to bed for a couple of nights to track my sleep behaviour. Turns out I’m especially talented at sleeping with a score of 90! After you charge your new Amazfit Bip download the Mi Fit app to get started. Available for IOS and Android. It could be 45 days before you charge your watch again! I’ve used my Amazfit Bip extensively to test and film and still had 28% charge at around 2 weeks! Impressive considering it has an always on watch face, heart rate monitor, and I’ve been using the GPS for workouts. The 190-mAh lithium-polymer battery promises to last as long 4 months on standby.
The watch face is likely what you’ll be excited to set first. I like the pre-installed
watch faces best. With this digital watch display being my favourite. You can also search for and download others, but the pre-installed watch faces use less battery!
You can choose activities to track including running, treadmill, cycling, and walking.
You wait around 10 seconds for it pick up GPS and then your ready to go! The Amazfit’s GPS allows you to leave your smartphone at home which is great if you’re going running. When you get back sync the watch data to the Mi App for detailed stats of your workout
including a track map of your route. It even tells you where you were slacking. During
your exercise the fitness tracker display shows elapsed time, miles covered, average speed, realtime heart rate including a quick glance meter with colored bars. There’s
also an alert if it thinks your heart rate is too high, so you can exercise safely. The Status menu shows your foot step count for the day, heart rate, miles covered, and calories burnt. When you’re not in an activity monitoring mode the heart rate monitor is off, but you can press to call up your current bpm momentarily or get third party apps to take scheduled
readings. The compass is accurate. Theres a stopwatch and countdown timer, and even weather with a 5 day forecast. Your Amazfit Bip allows
you to accept or reject a call. It supports text notifications, and displays the content on the watch face. With an always on display I prefer to turn that feature off for my privacy. Or you can swipe down for the do not disturb mode mode. You can also activate alerts for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube! The Amazfit Bip is easily my favourite present to myself this year. It’s IP68 dust and waterproof, specified
by the manufacturer’s test conditions of thirty minutes immersion at 1.5 meters depth of cool water. But not suitable to swim, dive, bath, or keep in room with vapor or steam.
They also say Shampoo, soaps and other liquids are highly corrosive to the wristband and
the casing of the watch. Basically it’s rain proof.

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