99 Replies to “AMAZING WOMAN body TRANSFORMATION Freeletics, BBG to Gym MUSCULATION !”

  1. congrats on the hard work I am just starting my workouts. I hope I can stay dedicated. filming the entire time!

  2. I want to start working out but im a lazy fuck with no motivation or effort and i just gave on the idea of working out, but watching this video made me want to do it again

  3. You don't have to change your body's shape for someone do it for yourself before because if someone loves you he's love u however u are

  4. It's so much easier to get motivated to go fitness and the gym when you have a partner to do with it 🙁 I struggle to get motivated with the gym nowadays on my own, wish I had a girl to train with to keep each other motivated… 🙁

  5. So inspirational !!!
    I don’t understand how anyone could give this video a thumbs down when this girl obviously worked her butt off.

  6. You look great .. and I know .. you feel like a million bucks!! Your life is your mold now .. kick it in the ass!!!

  7. Do u have the step by step for beginners? I can barely do Burpees
    I wanna have flat abs so bad, my belly is growing more than my boob

  8. Im so happy to see your success and to see such healthy supportive relationship is beautiful …keep going💪💪

  9. Jamás dejaré de decirlo eres una gran inspiración 💪…..

    Puedo hacer una pregunta¿?.

    Quiero bajar de peso y estoy llendo al gym, pero las rutinas que me ponen es de brazo, pierna, glúteo entre otras cosas ….

    La pregunta es ¿???… Estoy haciendo ejercicio correcto para bajar de peso? O primero tengo que enfocarme en cardio ??

  10. Молодцы))) приятно смотреть))) лайк однозначно за труды👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Videos like this are what motivate me! You look so happy and healthy, and that's what I want to be. It's not about how I want to look, it's how I want to feel and what I want to be able to do. I want to be strong and attack life with gusto! I want to be able to push through difficulties because of what's on the other side, and because I love the feeling of doing something I've never done, feeling the soreness that comes with it, and knowing that means I've accomplished something and pushed my limits. Right now my body is much like yours was when you began your journey, but I'm taking small steps and it feels so good whenever I see myself improving!

  12. You're killing it girl! Thank you for inspiration! I want to break my family "genetics"/learned habits and be a good example for my kids. Big thanks to my husband as well he introduced me to Dave Goggins story and I try to live by his motto, "Do something that sucks everyday, embrace the suck." I can easily have a 100 squats to pick up toys, do I like it… No but that's is great opportunity to get my squats in.
    Couldn't help thinking and kinda laughing, if you were in the upstairs of an apartment I'm sure your downstairs neighbors would hate you. But you rock nevertheless!!

  13. I don't know why but i cried it's just so beautiful girl. Congratulations, I really hope that I will succeed too❤

  14. Hi..I loved your workout routine …Earlier I was planning to subscribe for freeletics ,can you please tell me what to do

  15. Girls how many of u lying and thinking,"wow it will be great if we get a boyfriend like him and sure we'll be fit like her a 😉!?😜

  16. So the best idea is to become fat to get big boobs then workout and keep dem boobs big. Nice strategy there

  17. I love watching these sorts of videos and seeing how people have changed as it does motivate me however, i really struggle with the eating part. I can do all the fitness as i do but finding the right diet that i can stick to at a reasonable budget is difficult for me. Whenever i'm sad or having a lazy day or i get bored i result to doing no exercise and just eating loads of bad foods that i cant stop myself from eating. Can anyone recommend any weekly diets i can follow? If possibly that will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  18. With the background audio really pumps me up to kickass lol. Congrats on your transformation not easy but deffiently worth it.

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