Andrea Ager- CrossFit Tabata

Hi, I’m Andrea Ager. I’m from Denver, Colorado,
and I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost four years. Tabata is twenty seconds on, ten seconds
rest for four minutes at a time, and I really like it for teaching classes or for training
myself because the interval training helps with go go go go, and then rest a little bit
and recover. And then you can go hard again. Tabata Songs has a bunch of different kinds
of music. If I’m ever in like a really relaxed mood I like the country, but most of the time
I like the hip hop. Um, it really keeps me going through my routine, and my favorite
thing is that you don’t have to look up at the clock, so it’s better than using a timer.
So when I’m training and I don’t want to have to like, look up and consciously be aware
of where I am in my workout, I want to just be able to listen to the voice saying three
two one stop, three two one go. Music energizes me and keeps me going during workouts. Music
helps me find a rhythm for my pace. So if I’m listening to some really intense stuff,
sometimes I feel a P.R. coming on, but if I’m more relaxed maybe it’s stuff I just need
to get through and, and be able to hang out during. Um, training’s not going to be all
intense all the time or else we wouldn’t be able to train for two to four hours each day
for, I’m planning on doing CrossFit for like sixty years. So I wouldn’t be able to keep
it up if I was like always intense, so there’s lots of different moods in training and so
Tabata Songs is good for all the different kind of moods that come with all the different
kinds of training. A lot of times I hear girls being intimidated about why they don’t want
to start CrossFit and a lot of times it’s because they walk into a gym and they see
a lot of men doing crazy things and um, girls that they feel are really experienced but
we all were there before we started CrossFit.

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  1. She's in great shape and has the right attitude, but she did cut corners on the pull-ups. Same on one of the previous drills when lifting her legs while hanging from the bar, too much swinging.

  2. I understand the comments here , but I think their physiques say it all. it's not meant to be a pull up as u would think , it's kinda like a gymnastic move , alongside weightlifting hit, I get the concept of crossfit. I'm from a powerlifting back ground fyi , her body is on point

  3. Tabata songs have helped me take my workouts to the next level. My training is so much more focused on the 'work'. I agree it creates a rhythm for the workouts that helps you stay motivated. I have a lot more successes with Tabata Songs. I tell everyone about them.

  4. most of the people doesn´t understand tabata. tabata means give all you can and not let´s try to give all!

  5. Down with the naysayers and critics. Look, thousands of people LOVE Crossfit. It gets you in shape (look at her!) They get exercise. It increases self-esteem, and confidence, and mood. Many people do it who would enjoy other sports. They like the variety, the community, etc. Who the heck are these backseat critics out there saying it´s not "scientific"? What is? It CLEARLY works. And it´s fun. And yes, it´s a business success. Sour grapes, I say. There are always people willing to knock anything that is a huge success … or something they cannot do.

  6. my wife has started doing crossfit and she is developing some muscles in upper body. I don't like bulky girls. I wonder if crossfit makes girls bulky and masculine?

  7. what a beautiful Solid physique. Andrea seriously putting in hard work to get this far and she's done yet. Really good to see how science behind this hobby works and how Goddess works out.

  8. Never even HEARD of Tabata songs but what an awesome concept….not sure who thought of that but Bravo!

  9. can't argue with results and shes getting them,the stress of life is the biggest detriment to training as you get older.

  10. I do not want a body like That. I'm a female and I'm small. 5'5"; 110 pounds a man could wrap his hands around my waist and one hand around my upper arms. A morning walk and lower amount of calories is all it takes. I don't really want to be all manly with rippling muscles!

  11. Vadí mi, že ukazují krásná videa se svými výkony. Jak začít?. Ukazují krásná videa, když se už někam dopracovali. Co takhle videa, jak se k k tomu dopracovali

  12. el ejercicio se ven eficiente ahora la facturas articular que les pasara el tiempo no se lo deseo a nadie yo ex jugadora de fútbol maratonista arquera de hambol se de que hablo hoy soy profesional de gimnasia y veo y vivo con gente lesionada x sobre cargas tengan en cuenta el tiempo

  13. There are no inherently "deadly" exercises in this workout as long as they are done correctly. Quite true that most people cannot perform a pull-up, let alone a kipping pull up. No problem, just modify the exercise to fit your abilities. Just as important if you are serious about this type of fitness…get a coach who knows what they are doing and who can help you improve. It's beyond absurd the uneducated comments that get posted about various types of fitness, cross fit being one of them. Fitness/exercise absolutely varies from person to person. Some people find their niche with crossfit. Others find success with running, biking, free weights, freaking Zumba for gods sake! It's whatever gets you to your ultimate goal…and quite likely, your choices will evolve as you progress in your journey. Stop listening to these fools who suffered an injury by doing something they shouldn't have and then blamed it on an inanimate object or a theory they never took the time to become educated on. I don't endorse any one style of fitness, but I've tried many and I owned a fitness studio for many years. That experience made it quite clear that success in health and wellness is truly up to the individuals desire/motivation and willingness to seek out qualified help. The exercises in this video are highly effective when done correctly and are no more dangerous than others that could be incorporating into a workout regimen. And tabata training is a fantastic way to obtain very noticeable results with much shorter workout sessions.

  14. Don't jerk when you execute a movement or you'll end-up a cripple by the time you hit forty. Word to the wise. I know you're young and you think you're indestructible, but youth will last but a very short time. Less than 20. I like the sequence though!

  15. I was wondering if you would consider improving Tabata Songs by making the time-intervals and the number of sets adjustable in the app. I do a lot of different "chains" with kettlebells – some of them have 4, 5, 6 movements within the chain. Not really advisable to try 5 or 6 "form-perfect" kettlebell moves in just 20 seconds. This is an example of what I'd like to see/be able to do with your app: 20 sec. "Work"/40 sec. "Rest" for 30 Reps (30 minutes) – 25 sec. "Work"/50 sec. "Rest" for 24 Reps (30 minutes) – 30 sec. "Work"/60 sec. "Rest" for 20 Reps (30 minutes) – but I can't DO any of that unless the "Work/Rest" time-intervals and the total time are fully user-adjustable within the app.. Can this be done? because I'm really sure a lot of other user's would LOVE this. Thank you for reading! Pete

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  18. sorry for asking, can someone explain to me how the cross fit routine is? is it after that tabata song finish means that our routine on that day finih, or we need to repeat it for 3,4 sets? tq

  19. Főleg ha a legtöbb feladatot nem lendületből lenne csinálva még tetszene is. Lendületből aki nem mozog is feldobja a súlyt meg a lábát.. 😆🤨👋

  20. I feel like anyone bashing her performance, technique, or crossfit regime should first post a video of themselves attempting this workout… and post a pic.

  21. That's crazy!
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  22. i personaly dont think it is normal for a woman to look like that, but it is also great that you can do these

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