in five years
Andre Deiu has gone from this to this well I just want my first Pro Show, first
place. this year he becomes one of the youngest athletes ever to step on the Olympia men’s physique stage this is the story of those five years I will never be satisfied with my physique of dedication, of hard work i started because I was very fat as a kid and of stunning transformation I was so fat, I was 44 inch waist , now I am only 28 inch the times when he wasn’t a winner I was shy so I didn’t know what to expect … excited about the
same time nervous and the times he came back stronger we’ll show you how he trained more size more muscle maturity how he built his amazing muscular physique and perfected the detail to create those incredible aesthetics this is the story of a fat kid who dreamed of creating the perfect body if you do what you love you’re gonna
make it and this year he’s ready to take on the best in the world how did he do it? you’re about to find out the decision to change your life for the
better can come at any time I was so fat I was 15 years old and I
was waiting 85 kg I had a 44 inch waist they used to call me fat every time in
secondary school so I saw everyone looking fit healthy so I had the motivation at 15 years old the fat kid made the change he dieted and trained for two years and now he was ready my name is Andrei I’m 17 years old stepping onstage at 17 years old
few people knew the journey he’d been on to get there I’m training for two years, I really like to be fit, to look good but for now no trophy Andre doesn’t get
noticed in the lineup sadly I didn’t place because I didn’t have that look but the judges look for the achievements he’s made go unrecognized so time for the real work
to begin now I’m working our like six times a week I wanna put some size on and get my best physics by next year so I can win a competition, I want to be
someone I want to motivate other people this is my lifestyle I have to do it if
I wanna be someone makes me lift hard the work more harder to achieve my goals
yeah hard work and dedication motivation for the workout with nutrition
supplements I’ve changed a lot I fell happy to myself like proud . I’ve achieved something for his next competition the focus is on aesthetics and to help him stand out from the crowd great conditioning turning 19 Andre is ready an incredible physique for a teenager but again no trophy I was in pretty good shape but I wasn’t good enough lie next to the other people time to take training to another level a strategy of lean gains working every angle pushing through to that last rap they say competitions are won from the
back condition is key
and all the time working on the detail if you have the constancy you’re gonna
make it you should believe in yourself if you are dedicated you put all the
effort in if you do why you love you’re gonna make it and i want to compete again to see if the
hard work and the dedication paid off two years after missing out in his first
competition so excited but at the same
time nervous could this be the moment to be recognized? more size more muscie maturity, stage
presence I think I’m more confident now this time still a teen, Andre stands out oh it’s amazing great conditioning shows off his gains
to their best advantage so I’m gonna see if I place top five or no
hopefully I will because I really work hard for it and this time a trophy just won the teen fitness model, first place so excited, all the hard work pays off now so happy, best feeling! so what next for the new champion? he’s attracting attention but still training he’s being sponsored still improving he’s becoming a star still looking for his next big goal makes me feel like my all my hard work
and dedication is paying off now gives me motivation to achieve
my goals. when some people message me on Instagram or Facebook that I
inspire them and motivate them gives me a great feeling that I can help others
like others helped me before he wants a bigger stage IFBB and men’s physique it’s all about wide shoulders tiny waist for a guy who used to have a 44 inch waist this is something to aim for time to build those shoulders working the front delts middle delts and rear delts for that rounded 3d look the classic combination of broad
shoulders tiny waist is now in place his first men’s physique show in the UK Andre is 20 size and conditioning on point it’s a win ready now to step out onto the
international stage nerves are evident hundreds of athletes will Andre be spotted in such a huge
field? he makes the top five it’s second place I just won second place at muscular men’s physique. I’m so happy It gives me a push to persue my dream but there’s more work to be done over the next year Andre’s journey continues he becomes one of the icons of the fitness industry
always setting bigger and bigger goals supported by the best trainers he earns
his IFBB Pro card but for his biggest step he goes back to
the place where the fat kid grew up his home country of Romania for an
Olympia qualifier and we have around nine months to get
ready for Olympia but to step on Olympia stage, you
definitely need to put some size on and work a little harder, after this weekend
I’m back to work as usual can this dedicated youngster become world champion at the age of just 24? let us know in the comments what you
think and tell us how his journey has inspired you and if you want to follow Andrei’s full
training series that helped him become UK champion click the link


  1. i m just very proud that he managed to show the world that Romania is not that fucked up as most of the people say… before starting to workout in the gym for my fitness and endurance for bike contests, i thought all this aesthetics thing was like a miss and mister contest for a prawn. it definitely showed up not the be like that. i hope Andrei will reach his goals and pursue his dreams as best as he can

  2. I know everyone is going to start throwing around "steroids" but this isn't those 1 year HUGE transformations. 5 years of steady dedication. I see this as being attainable. Edit: And he's also young so at 17 he's already producing a lot of natural testosterone.

  3. I don't really get it, the goal is just to get bigger and bigger and more defined? It's like a beauty competition, which sure enough can be fun for some time maybe – but in the long run this alone won't sustain a career or a life, I don't think. If someone has another perspective to share, I'd be happy to hear though.

  4. Now the main question is that he get here hoñestly or by somebody help or favor , corruption or connection.that only he can tell that's he deserves this or not

  5. Yes he will definitely become the worlds champion he is one of the youngest and most inspiring body builder i am also one of the them who are the very big fan of him ….. I love him soo much

  6. Well, after i saw him here for the first time 5 years ago, then how he changed year to year, so surprised when i saw him "replacing" Buendia in Hany Rambod's team. It's amazing how his and Ryan's story comes to this level where they are. Congrats!

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  8. I am sure that in one day he will became Mister Olympia and i wanna congratulate him.
    I wish you much successful ❤️

  9. They ain’t calling you fat anymore, you look amazing and inspire me at 51. I wish you trained in in the USA, I’m dedicated and work soo hard but feel like I’m missing something

  10. Andrei, can you post what you eat and how much at what times as well as your typical routine or workout for us trying to get to where you are

  11. For all those ppl who are watching it and Blaming ur self it's not your Fault Body Building needs Hell lot of Money and We don't have it it's only for High Class ppl who have more time . Hit like If your Are Agree 👈

  12. If someone tells you , they will change you in 3 months, tell them to fuck off. Takes time and dedication to achieve the best

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