Anna – How I Got Interested in Rowing

[Sound FX: Old Projector Running]>>What made you interested in rowing?>>I was watching the Olympics in 2012 and I saw the surge on the boats. Umm.. As, like, the US is rowing to the gold and I just.. It gave me chills. I was like I want to do that. I want to make the boat propel forward and then as soon as I said that my parents were like “Oh yeah, definitely go for it. ” So that kind of got me into it. And then at FASET I was walking through the Marketplace and my.. now like… One of my good friends, who is on the rowing team, had like recruited me and I was like okay. They originally wanted my roommate but I was like I kind of want to do it. [Laughs] And then I kind of just fell in love with it.>>Do you find that your family is very supportive of this? Do they come to all your meets and everything?>>Absolutely they were like 110% supportive. They think it is so cool cause it’s like kind of a regal sport sort of and… I didn’t .. I told… I had to race this off weekend and I didn’t tell them to come and then I was just rowing and I saw them on a dock. And my dad started like shouting my name and I was like “Oh, Hey guys”. [Sound FX: Old Projector Running]

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