Apete Calls Planet Fitness

Thank you so much for calling planet fitness
my name is Lucy how may I help you? Hello I am have a very bad complaint , I have
a very bad experiencing the other day You know your TV commercial the signs all
over the gym says a Judgement free zone Ya? Correct Well this mother fucker he came to me and
he say You are offending odor you need to get out of here And I tell him, man I am working out here
minding my own business he tell me you are offending you stink Who told you that sir? This black man he have shaved head he is big
guy, you know I am one hundred thirty pounds I am there, I am trying to get fit You know? But he said to me, you are offending people
you stinking or something, its very hurtful man you know? You don’t do this to people right? That’s so horrible, does he work here? Does
that person work here? It was a, it was a member there he was I was
working out, and I am like right in front of me the sign was there Judgement Free. I am just saying this is not judgement free! Its very embarrassing, In front of everybody
they looking laughing at me saying look at Apete he is not smelling good. I am really really sorry to hear all that
and and why didn’t you talk to us when uh that happened? And when did that happen? It happened like two weeks ago. I wasn’t going
to say anything, I don’t want to cause trouble for anybody but it really hurting me. I I I wanting to get back in the gym and I
am like my wife Apete are you cancelling or not cancelling the membership but it is so, its so very embarrassing you
know? Imagine you or somebody saying he you Apete
you stinking you offending other people No No No that’s definitely not acceptable
sir in honor of Planet fitness, I really apologize about the inconvenience, um I mean uh we are
the judgement free zone. But unfortunately I cannot control every word
that comes out of a members mouth I would appreciate if you let me know who
was it and i will take care of it, do you remember who it was? It was black man you know?They all look the
same, its kind of hard to tell, I thought everybody same–ing It was so much embarrassing so next time this
happens I come talk to you yay? Yes well next time just come to us. My name
is Lucy, you can come to any of the staff or to me. And let us know immediately who
said that and we will definitely take care of that for you. Ok You don’t have to worry about ok? Oh thank you ok You are so nice lady thank you so much I am really really sorry about it again, don’t
feel bad. I mean people are mean but we are going to
fix it up for you. Next time you come in, Just talk to me, anything that happens, We
got your back ok? Thank you so much have a good day lucy You too, have a great day Bye

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