App Review: Best Free Workout Apps for Android and iOS

Hey friends! My name is Tasia and this video features 3
of my favorite free workout apps for iOS and Android. So, if you haven’t hit that subscribe button
be sure to do so for more content like this. Come on, let’s get after it! First up is the Johnson and Johnson Official
7 Minute Workout App. Now don’t get confused here – there are
probably, I dunno, thousands of 7 minute workout apps available, but this one is hands down
my favorite. There’s 3 reasons for that. It’s intuitive and easy to use, the user
interface is awesome, and the customization options are out of this world. The app lets you set your fitness level, provides
you with an optional warm up and cool down, it gives you a personalized smart workout
based on your motivations, and it keeps track of your previous workouts. The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute
Workout App is perfect if you need to get a workout in, but don’t have a lot of time. Plus, you can use the 7 minute workout as
a cycle, and repeat it two or three times over. Next up is the Strava app. This one is for all my running and cycling
enthusiasts out there. Now full disclosure: This is a free app, but
they do offer an upgraded version that gives you a little bit of extra features. Strava turns your device into a GPS that tracks
your activity. It also syncs with your smart devices too,
like the Apple Watch, Android Gear, Fitbit, Garmin, Mio and more. The fun thing about Strava is it kind of acts
like a social network for athletes. You can record your activity onto your feed
where your friends and followers can interact. OK guys, I have saved my favorite workout
app for last! Drumroll please….. The YouTube App! I know! I know what you’re thinking. Before you say “Tasia, the YouTube App isn’t
solely a workout app.” I say to you, but isn’t it? Here me out. I solely workout from home, for free, and
I use the YouTube App at least 3 times a week for my workouts. There are millions of workout videos on YouTube,
you just have to know how to sort through all the junk. So here are some of my staples. My favorite overall workout channel is Popsugar
Fitness. This Channel is epic. It’s got the best variety of workouts – think
arms, legs, core, bodyweight, cardio, and on and on. They are always adding new content, so you
never get bored doing the same workout every time. They’re also really good with providing
modifications for all their workouts. And for all you Yogis out there, if Yoga is
more your jam, my favorite Yoga Channel is Yoga With Adriene. She provides a great variety of yoga practices,
she updates the Channel often, and she’s not stuffy yoga. You know what I mean, like in your face yoga. Then sometimes I’ll search specific things
on YouTube, like “resistance band leg workout” and I’ll find great content that way. They real key with working out on YouTube
is to take some time up front and do your research on the Channel. The goal here is to find a Channel that knows
what they’re talking about. You want to have a healthy lifestyle, for
free in this case, You don’t want to hurt yourself. So be safe out there! Ok now I need to hear from you guys. Let me know in the comments below, number
1, what your favorite workout apps are. I want everybody to discuss as a community
and then number two, let everybody know below who your favorite Channels are on YouTube. Who do you follow for workouts and why. As always, thank you so much for watching
and if you liked this video, be sure to give it a like, and of course, hit that subscribe
button. See ya next time!

12 Replies to “App Review: Best Free Workout Apps for Android and iOS”

  1. Love BodyFit by Amy! Especially the TRX workouts.
    Also, really like Blogilates

    As far as apps go, I like BitGym when I run on the treadmill. It moves through different landscapes while you run, like Venice! Real footage! It's free but they have an upgrade option if you want to explore more places. PS. Venice is FREE!

  2. I didn't really take much of a look at the fitness YouTube channels… but they look pretty great. I've seen all those "subscription" apps and considered it, but POPSUGAR fitness looks like it covers everything.

    Also, have you tried any of those 7 minute workout apps? I've used CARROT Fit because the robot is hilarious, but I can never get enough energy to keep doing it for more then a day or two.

  3. My favorite workout app was Sworkit on my iPhone 6, but now that I have the iPhone X Sworkit is $80 a year. I'm trying to find similar workout apps for free, but so far all I found is Fitocracy, which I don't like because you have to tap the screen like 3+ times for each set and they force you to be "social." I'm thinking the Youtube Popsugar is the way to go from now on. Fucking greedy Sworkit can suck a fat one.

  4. Check out Remington James! He is not only hilarious, but gives great nutrition tips, bodybuilding workouts, etc.

    Also subbed to your channel Tasia, look forward to more content!

  5. Hi Custode , please can you review this SoS Android app . Thanks for the channel.

    Get it at #Google #Play #Store

  6. Am one among the others using the Daily Mudra app, since this app is totally benefited and the time duration is also less consumption and really it works wonders. I would be much grateful if you could share this in your youtube channel for the benefit of others also. Kindly do response as am waiting for the reply.

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