Aqua Zumba® routine • Love Shack (Aqua Fitness Level 3)

This choreography has 5 blocks. With a level 3 for sure! You will have a lot of fun with it … First block: Kick front R + L then kick or
pendulal R + L Cue with your hands also L + R to the F and
side to side L + R Second block: Make a small twist moving to the R in 4 counts using your hands from side Then back to the first block… that’s right F L+R and side to side L + R Make a cue to your students that the next
block is coming and already make a sculling Sit down on the chair and raise both legs
while sculling. Then on the music make a full turn and come
in L-sit position with your legs straight together. Make L-sitted JJ (Jumping Jack) first slow (2x)
and then double tempo. (8x) To cue for the first block again, get up already
after the 7th time of the L-sitted JJ. Make the kicks more intense big kicking higher
and wider. Remember your students that this is option! Then block 2 again… (4x) And back to block 3… …Make L-sitted JJ (Jumping Jack) first slow (2x) and then double tempo (4x). Block 1 Then next block is fun,… Cue for next move to come… making Disco Rolls
from L to R And back to block 1 again … Disco Rolls all the way again… are you having
fun!!!! Block 1 Block 3 one more time… keep those legs up!! Remember that the best way to do the L-sitted
JJ is really to keep sitting in that L-shape, if you stretch and lay down your abs are not
engaged!… OK time for the break in the music… keep
your students moving. Show both of your hand palms and tell your
students to keep them faced to you in the water. Bring your hands down and pre-cue what your students must do… And the song goes “Bang-Bang-Bang- On The
Door Baby” With both hands you push and pull first gentle
L + R (4x) with 2x banging on the surface on the water. In the music you can do this 4x, each time
a little more intense. Have fun with your students
and compare the L side of them to the R side Then push and pull going from L to R and back. Next is a splash moments … don’t keep
it dry!!! And to end the song…. sit down and for the
final time L-sitted JJ!

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