Are You Game? – LA Fitness Basketball Leagues

Here we go. [the court squeaks, music plays in the background] I’ve played in other leagues around Orange County, and I would say
that LA Fitness leagues are a step above the rest. Everyone’s trying to win the league. I think you go into the league play and it is definitely more fast-paced. To be able to compete at the highest level you possibly can,
um, for as long as you can is a goal. [music continues] When you’re playing in an open gym and there’s
no refs, there’s a lot of arguments. You never know who’s gonna be in the gym. You’re
excited, but you never know what you’re gonna get. Um, in an LA Fitness league, it becomes a
very structured, almost like college/high school game. Much more fast-paced because you know who you’re playing with. There is regulation. I can actually take a jump shot, and
if I’m getting hacked, it’ll get called. [music swells] [whistle blows] Two shots. Watch the hands. The last league we played in at LA Fitness,
we kept stats. You get bragging rights. You’re gonna see these guys in the gym.
You’re gonna see these guys next week. Uh, they keep track of individual scores and they also keep track
of the main score and put it up on the scoreboard so everybody can see. There’s never, um, there’s never
a doubt as to what the score is. I mean, the price that it is is very reasonable. When you pay the money, you get, uh, consistency. So it’s really helpful knowing that you’re gonna at least get
one game, full-length game every time you go out there. [music continues]

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