Arm Muscle Exercises : How to do Dumbbell Bicep Curl Arm Exercises

Hi! I’m Manny Castro, Exercise Physiologist.
In this particular variation for biceps curls, we’re going to use the dumbbells instead.
Now, I have always been of the thought that the dumbbells are the greatest instrument
for building muscle, or strengthening your muscles. The dumbbell doesn’t give you the
restriction of movement that a barbell does and also it gives you the opportunity to isolate
each muscle a little better. Now with the dumbbells, we are going to isolate each arm
with the biceps. Now, you can do them both together or you can concentrate on one arm
at a time. I suggest that if you concentrate on one arm at a time, that you do one set
right after the other, if you can do that. Once again, with this particular exercise,
what we’re going to do is, palms are facing forward, hands to your side, elbows are going
to stay near your ribcage or near your side. What you’re going to do is bring the dumbbells
up nice and slow for a count of 3, pause at the top, and then bring them right back down.
Again, about 3-4 sets and you can either pyramid or you can do 10-12 repetitions with lighter
weight; 8-12 with moderate weight or 8-10 with moderate weight and about 6-8 with heavy

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  1. i dont know why but only my biceps never get stronger when i do these..i've been doing only 25 lb dumb bell curls for a month and they've barely got stronger..pretty sure im doing the correct form..i do 7-10 reps

  2. This is the second video I have seen with you performing these exercises incorrectly. Perhaps you need to go even lighter, when going up, do not CLICK into place, keep your weight going up steady at the same speed, it should take longer to go down than up, that is proper muscle damage and resistance, and also helping you gain explosive power. When going up, get a wide base and keep still, do not allow your elbows to move, start light until you have forced your mind to allow proper form.

  3. I am 18.
    My problem is that i have six pack abs and a muscular body. not buffed. say like paul walker type body. with uneven sixpack abs.
    When i started eating more. i got lower body fat.though muscles increased. how can i stop getting fat and only muscle. plus i masterbate once a day.will it effect gains.thnx

  4. Help,this is my workout

    Tuesday, Thursday

    5 sets 8 Reps, Chest Press on Machine , Champagnes, overhead, incline dumbbell fly variant, flat dumbbell twist flat press & fly, Shoulders on machine, dead lifts

    I run it through a routine, about a minute rest then start the next set i'm trying to gain muscle and mass also add 20 pounds onto myself before next summer, I cut out my cardio, if anyone has any tips help me please, this workout gets me super tired, but i'm not sore, week 22

  5. hey dude give me a tip instead of typin LMAO!
    plus what is so funny about my post? arent we supposed to help eachother out on videos n forums like these?

  6. Id rather take bicep advice from someone that actually HAS biceps. But it's an expertvillage video so I'm not really surprised…

  7. @HybridRxn Check your posture. Are your feet shoulder length apart? Is your back straight? Also, people experience lower back problems due to the fact they let their back rock as they get to the peak of the lift. Make sure the only things moving are your arms. Take a break to get better. To put less strain on your back, do seated curls with your back on the back of the seat for support.

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