ARMS of a Fighter (a Nintendo ARMS song Feat. Raymy Krumrei)

Hey Nate, what’cha playing? ARMS. What? *music starts* Want to play some co-op? I’m great at friendly fire! YEAHAHAHAHA! Hey J guys, thank you so much for watching this video If you enjoyed the song, you can buy it over on iTunes! Or, you could check the description to this SICK T-SHIRT! WOOO! Special thanks to Raymy for singing this song, and also for our friends over at HYHT Crossfit for letting us film some of the scenes over there! Beard Salute, OOOOGH!!! Thanks to our patreon encounters like Nick Dedomenico!

100 Replies to “ARMS of a Fighter (a Nintendo ARMS song Feat. Raymy Krumrei)”

  1. Shout-out to Anthony for his help on this video and his cameo in it! You can follow him more–

    –on YouTube (
    –on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat (@anthonydufell)

  2. Honestly I wonder what the neighbors think when they see AJ running around with giant robot arms probably something along the lines of “oh look there’s that crazy guy again “

  3. You guys definitely doing very on only Butterfoot like no no OAU was DePorter no one asked Oliliko for you should've redo of the Leanza

  4. Hey man can you do a mario musical (I can do an impression of the Mario Brothers and I can send you some audio with some impressions if you want)

  5. Imagine what if arms 2 will be relesed and theyed include the types of arms in this video like the cone one and the hammer and the babminten and the laser and the plunger id be luaghing 😂

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