ASK A TRAINER: How Do I Regain Motivation?

Hi, and welcome back to another segment
of Ask A Trainer. I’m here with Master Trainer, Geoff. Today’s question is from Dwayne S. Dwayne
asks, “After losing 21 lbs. I’m finding it harder to lose weight and
harder to get motivated to go to the gym. Any thoughts on how I can get motivated again?” G: Sure, motivation comes in many forms. So the biggest thing is either setting short-term
goals or long-term goals. Short term meaning, within the week. So, what do you want to accomplish that week? And then long-term, so maybe there’s a 5k
race that you want to be a part of, or a marathon that you want to do. Whatever the case might be, have a long-term
goal set for yourself as well, and within those short-term goals and long-term goals
you should be able to motivated for as long as possible really. C: There you have it Dwyane. Send us your question, follow us on YouTube
and we’ll see you next time.

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