ASK A TRAINER: What Is A Workout I Can Do Every Day to Get a Toned Body?

Hi, and welcome back to another segment of
Ask A Trainer. I’m here with Master Trainer Geoff. Today’s question comes from Nancy. Nancy says, “I go to LA Fitness, but never
know the right machines to use. What is a good workout I can do every day
to get a toned body?” Well, we can probably talk about this for
about 3 hours, as far as what’s the right routine to do –
Right. My first suggestion would be to go see someone
in the personal training department. They’re going to give them the right steps
as far as which machines to use, things of that nature, and to build up form there. But, if you really want to know a couple things
that you can do, first and foremost, use machines. Form is extremely important, we don’t want
to hurt ourselves. Machines at least give us an idea as far as
how to do the exercise, how to use that particular piece of equipment, so we’re not going to
put ourselves in danger of injuring ourselves. So, start from there and then build up, but
definitely see somebody in that personal training department. Makes sense. Send us your questions, follow us on YouTube,
and we’ll see you next time.

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