Assess Your Overall Fitness with SilverSneakers

– Let’s dance. Yes, let’s dance, because dance is a
surprisingly effective way to not only assess your fitness, to feel if your body has pain, to move in different ways, but also to increase your
cardiovascular fitness, and it’s fun. It’s so effective, in fact,
that researchers have found that if you can make it through two songs, we call it the Two-Song Dance Challenge, all the way from front to back, at a moderate to vigorous pace, meaning about a seven
on a scale of one to 10, 10 being your hardest energy, pain free, that you’re on your way
to having good fitness. So for the next month, pick
two songs that you love. Your goal is to make it
through both of the songs and just keep moving. Move however you feel you want to move. Change your pace. It’s pain free. If you can make the two songs, well then, pick it up a little
bit more or add another song. The cool thing is, fitness
will be really fun, you’ll find out where you’re at, and you’re going to
get moving and grooving and having a great month dancing it out.

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