Autism in Children: Create Success with Exercise

Hi. Coach Ashley and I are going to share with you some of the strategies that we’re doing through out the videos you may have seen or soon to be able to watch one of those churches call breaking it
down what we’re doing is breaking down exercise activities but Ashley’s going to explain why that’s so important As educators, it’s the same way that we use evidence-based strategies techniques and research when developing our lessons and lesson
plans when we use the visual supports whether it’s the the visual guides as well as the visual exercise systems we’re using that to actually accommodate and modify a lot of our lessons the same way we would with a typical
math class, reading class or science and social science class when
we break those elements down we’re able to make sure that the diverse
needs of our students are accurately achievable and measurable Awesome so what you’re gonna see in some of these segments is you often see us us prompting, which we may mean by physically prompting an exercise
routine and teaching these kids again like Ashley said is going back into what what classroom educators are doing for students so when you go
into the exercise environment or even don’t ever leave the classroom as you’ll see with what we did with Dylan, right, is we don’t leave the classroom but we’re
teaching exercises and breaking them down in the classroom to better transfer to
the gym is there anything else that you
know why you feel that breaking down is so vital to their development and teaching
exercise it’s routine, it’s structure and with that
routine and structure it’s proven to have more on task behaviors it allows them to increase their learning especially through that motivation and engagement it increases peer interaction, not only between
educators and the students but also between the peers themselves and it also improves their language development you can see that within the exercises, especially with Rohan the different terminology in terms that he was able to now retrieve and learn about through just exercise whether it’s in the classroom setting or within the gym setting as well. Right and then also you’re going to see actually coach Allison and from NCHPAD and I and we’re gonna go through strategies with Noel of how to break down a sport known as basketball and again it’s something where I think if you’re outside the physical education environment we think that we just need to throw them
into a game but for them for the game a basketball, but for them there’s too much going on in the environment and basketball is a very complex sport so that’s why one of the things that we broke it down to show you how know Noel specifically can learn all the different skills and then slowly embed that into a basketball game but we want to really teach these kids the skills develop that confidence, self-esteem, develop peer relationships and go from there. The time is now to start and implement exercise in your children’s, adults, or student lives. Don’t wait. They need to be moving we know it’s
important now only for them physically but also cognitively If you have questions, comments and
want to know more about some of the techniques that we’re demonstrating with our students or the champions in any of these videos please contact us at the exercise
contention or at NCHPAD Make exercise a part of their lifestyle and always challenge autism with exercise

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