Backless Wedding Dress Workout

Hey guys, it’s Katie with
Love Sweat Fitness, here with WeddingWire
and I have 4 moves that are going to tone and strengthen
your back. So if you are getting ready to
walk down the aisle in a backless dress,
this is the workout for you. You don’t need any equipment
for these four moves, and each one of them is
really going to focus on targeting those back muscles as
well as sculpting the shoulders and you’re going to get some
added ab-bonus as well. The great thing is they’reme
also going to help with your The great thing is they’re
also going to help with your posture so you can feel
really confident walking down the aisle. Our first move is
Plank Pockets. A modification to start
will be on your knees, with your legs bent
like this. Otherwise, come up into a
full plank. You hands stacked right
underneath the shoulders, your core is tight, and
pulled in. Really tight, holding here: you’re going to tap your hip
like you’re putting your hand in your pocket,
and drop it down. Then switch, tap and lower. Really squeeze the
shoulder blades as you lift. Trying to keep those hips
square to the earth. We’re gonna do
10, 9, 8, 7, 6 And last one, exhale
and lower all the way down. We’re going to be doing some
Super Women. This is really going to strengtn
that lower and upper back. Arms reach out in front. You’re going to exhale let
it all go on the mat. Inhale lift everything up
and hold, and squeeze. Alternating, lower and lift.
Up and down. Really squeeze at
the top. Two more. Now, hold at the top.
And kick! Like little swimmers. Kick, kick, kick.
For 8, 7, 6, Exhale, let it go.
Coming up. Now, if you have a chair
or a stool, grab that. Otherwise you can
totally do these on the floor. On the floor, you’re going to
place your hands at your side. On thOn a stool or chair,g to
placebring your hands up.side. On a stool or chair,
bring your hands up. Your hips stay close,
little tricep dips. We’re gonna go down
and press. We’re gonna go down
aLower and press. Lower and press. Really keep your hips
close to the edge. Squeeze the triceps
at the top. The back of the arms,
good – lift. The back of the arms,
good – lift. We have 6 more. And last one, exhale
let it go. Shake those arms off. One more move for you. So this can be done
with or without weights. I’m going to grab some light
weights to add on. But again, you don’t need
any equipment. You could totally do it without. Bring your arms up
overhead. You’re going to pull down, bring that elbow
into the side, and push up. Then switch. Squeeze the elbow
to the side body. Working into those
lats. Down, push up.
Squeeze, press. And breathe,
good. Let’s do 8, 7, 6, Then let’s do 4 together,
both arms squeeze and press up. And last one,
exhale let it go and shake it off
and stretch it out. If you’re starting to feel
the burn, try grabbing some weights if you have them at home
to add them in and then repeat this
three more times so you can really
work that back and feel amazing
walking down the aisle in that backless dress.

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