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audition where you know this is my actual workout I want you to see you
know how I approach the workouts the thought process as well as what I
think about with execution today I want to talk about barbell curls for biceps
by barbell curls for biceps again my thought process and we’ll talk about
execution there are two just some of the things that I talked about hey guys I
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that’s what I kind of do throughout the day and over to my coaching clients and
in my family life all right so if you’re the type of man who does what it takes
to get what he wants Fitness is so important – you gotta live with that
sense of urgency right now I know you’re getting all that information you’re
attracted to this message is great way for me to help you so really take
advantage of that let’s take advantage of this technology all right so I want
to talk about barbell curls for biceps simple exercise right I want you to tell
you some of the things that I think about and maybe also some things that I
don’t think about over complicating the process when it comes to bicep curls
let’s just talk about a few things that I think about I think that the beginning
of every exercise but whether it’s barbell curls for biceps whether it’s a
benchpress any type of exercise where you’re in a
chair sitting down standing up lying down whatever it is your foundation is
the most important part of any exercise all right there’s a certain checkoff
process that I do and after years and years in doing this doesn’t take a long
time but you got to be conscious of this at the beginning a very strong
foundation all right you don’t just want to show up
you know think think about the muscle only right when it starts with
foundation there’s thing that I’ll do is I’ll start from
the floor up my feet are always planted firmly in the ground they’re always a
little bit more than shoulder-width apart all right and that’s with most
exercises it starts there my feet are cement it in the ground nice firm
foundation my knees are always slightly bent and somewhat you know buoyant and
flexible like shock absorbers because I want to adjust I don’t want to be rigid
a lot of guys really you know I think they overemphasize what form is and they
get really rigid and sometimes that’s exactly what’s gonna cause what we fear
most and that’s injury we want to be somewhat
buoyant and fluent it starts with those needs my hips are always back back
they’re not tilted forward right and then I arch my lower back it’s always
arched and locked down tight all right you see how I’m moving from the ground
up with this foundation right my shoulders are back my chest is up my
head is up my chin is up it’s almost like something a stream is pulling my
head from the ground my always my eyes are always forward or in some cases
they’re up all right so that’s by barbell curls for biceps or any exercise
it really starts self foundation think about those those points that I I talked
about from the feet being firmly a cement in the ground a little bit more
than shoulder-width apart the knees buoyant and slightly bent the hips back
the lower back arched up and tight locked down tight shoulders back chest
up chin up head up eyes up level or up right it’s like a checkoff process do it
for every exercise you do it for a couple of days all right a couple
workouts every exercise and you’ll see it just becomes habit so good have a
good foundation sometimes we skip all that right so let’s get to the barbell
bicep curls all right very simple exercise we don’t want to make this too
complicated just like with every exercise we’ve got to lead with the mind
muscle connection what are we trying to do are trying to lift the weight
alright that’s all part of it that’s what we visual see but it’s about
stimulating the muscle overloading the muscle that’s the most important part of
the exercise all right just like with every exercise right it’s that
mind-muscle connection all right so how do we get that that firm base one thing
that I’ll do demonstrate this without the weight first is after I have that
foundation thinking mind muscle connection we don’t just want to move it
from point A to point B I have the bar in what I call a nice wide arc on the
way up and the way down we don’t want to cut off the movement all right
I want a nice wide arc on the way up and all the way down so demonstrate this
even though with this working weight right sometimes that’s more visual more than
what you can actually see but I keep that in mind that nice wide art on the
way up and on the way down also you’ll notice a temple that I go in
with every exercise right I explode in a one count and then I control the way
again in that nice wide arc on the controlling the negative and wait and I
slow it down I don’t just let gravity or the weight pull me down I I fight it
then go on that one to count right so yeah nice firm base keeping that wide
arc in mind exploding on the one count and then controlling on the ones you can all right a lot of times again a lot of
these things it’s in your head if you were to take a video it may not be
visible to the naked eye are somebody watching it but you have that mental
process makes that a really big difference for you with that mind-muscle
connection other things that I I keep in mind is that I don’t want to have my my
arms and elbows flared out I wanted to drag against my body
you know just tucked in tight with that that torso of a torso all right so so those are some you know basic things
that I keep in mind with some even a simple exercise like barbell curls for
biceps all right one thing that’s uh that a lot of people
talk about using good form if you don’t use good form whatever that means that’s
sometimes could range from the person you don’t use good form
you’re just wasting your time like you’re getting one out of scale from one
to ten you’re getting a zero if you don’t use quote-unquote good form I’m
not as strict as you might notice with my form as a lot of people might say hey
let me just tell you this never use sloppy form that you’re gonna get hurt
never use form that is that’s so sloppy and then you’re not gonna hit that
target in muscle group you know something keeping a lot of things in
mind I am hitting the targeted muscle group but there’s one thing you got to
remember with form form field execution hitting that targeted muscle group again
mind muscle connection its most important thing weight not as important
as some people might think but it is more important than a lot of people
think it’s that combination overload progressive or below that’s the point of
every single set you are not going to be good the first time you do anything it’s
going to take a certain coordination it’s not because you’re not necessarily
strong it’s because you’re not coordinated yet right you’re gonna have
to fail just like if anything like you’re gonna have to fail to some extent
before you get it right if you are block yourself in too strict strict form all
right that you keep the weight down you’ll never progress up you might fail
so to speak in your form it might get a little a little bit less than perfect as
you challenge yourself to more weight that’s all part of the process all right
of course again I am NOT saying to get hurt but don’t block yourself in where
you don’t have that progressive overload because you over emphasize form another
argument can be made when like I talked about your buoyant your fluent it’s a
your body uses as a shock absorber you may be
at more risk for injury by locking yourself up with overemphasizing street
form especially if you use weight so just think about that it’s always a
happy medium you know and things sometimes aren’t black-white play with
that perfect value between that strict strict form and getting used to pushing
yourself with heavier weight all right guys hey again reach out to me I just
really enjoy how we’re using this technology to get even closer and
connected right my phone is filled with text message from ambitious men just
like you text me back and forth send me your picture all right
introduce yourself always text you back my whatsapp number is there two nine two
five three five two four three six six send that picture picture does indeed
tell me a thousand words make sure you fill out that question I’ll direct you
to after you text me too but that question is there ask your questions
fill out that questionnaire again it might be really enlightening for you
what’s ahead of you you send that to me we can be really efficient with our time
and it gives me a way to help you go to that next level – all right so that’s
gonna do it for workouts roll them in live sets with skip right again continue
posting your comments your questions your suggestions down below I am so glad
that you join me for this video all right let’s take on this day with a
sense of urgency when you’re a little bit older right we proudly are a little
bit older we got more time behind us than we do in front us we gotta take on
every single day with a sense of urgency train hard eat right with that sense of
urgency produce connect love with a sense of urgency again we got more time
behind us than we do in front of us have a great day have an outstanding day have
an awesome day think big and think bigger than getting bigger

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  1. Bro the separations in your arms are phenomenal! Truly inspirational Bro! 😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💯

  2. Badass bro!! your arms are huge!! can ask how big they are? i've got 18 3/4 on one 18 1/2 on the other goal is hit 20s.

  3. Hi Skip, enjoying your channel. Just a question… if I enjoy doing dumbell presses for chest workout so I only do those at the gym…. would it affect me an anyways? Do I also need to do bench as well?

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