Barre Blend Coming Soon!

– I am powerful. I am motivated. I am committed. I am ready. I wanna see you burn and sweat. We’re gonna torch some calories, and torch some fat. Drop it low, and get that heart rate up. Let’s pick up the tempo. Let’s go center, center, lunge. Yes, yes, yes. Center, center, lift. We reach and strengthen. Standing leg should feel the burn. And feel the bliss, you got it. Let’s take it away from the barre and blend into our cardio intervals. What happens if we add a jump, yes! Love that. Let’s get that knee up. Let’s go for those weights. Curtsy, firework kick. Work on that balance,
work on that strength. And I wanna see low, and high. We’re right in that fat-burning zone. One more like that each way. Good work, guys, feelin’ that burn. Reach forward, let’s come right to tempo. Let’s pull back up, back down. Are you guys feeling this? Use those abs, use those legs. Get that good energy. One more. Good job, guys, way to rock it. (exhale) Defy your limits, define your body. (upbeat music)

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