10 Replies to “Basic Knee Rehab Exercise – Inner Range Quads Holds”

  1. Great instruction and explanation. I don't have a recent injury, but I have a harder time building muscle due to age. Would this be appropriate for me? And how often should I do this -daily? 2x/week?

  2. Hi, James! Just found Your videos. I had a meniscus operation on 16th of May. Before that was running persistently for about 8 years. After I joined a running team last year and ran 20 and 30km in forest track running serial my meniscus had a tear. Now I am struggling to getting back to running. A few weeks ago started to run from 6km to 9km, but apparently that was too much and my knee started to hurt again. Therefore started to look for some advice and found Your videos! Will try this exercise You show here. Thanx!

  3. Hi James, great tip in using a ball to support the knee. ( I injured my knee by falling on a tree-trunk while running in the local woods )

  4. James, when I run I always get more DOMS on my left leg than my right. It also seems that my left leg is more unstable and the arch collapses more than my right. Hip on the left always seems a little tighter too. What should I do to rehab this condition? Bilateral or single leg strengthening exercises, stretching or some kind of taping/arch support/compression socks? Or something else? I know the human body is complicated, but I'd appreciate any input on where I should focus my experimentation to improve this scenario!

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