BASIC Rowing Workout for Fat Loss

(garage door rumbling) (broom swishing) (glass breaking) (horn honking) – Something about cleaning out the garage, right before I film, just makes me feel better about making you guys
good, clean, fun content. (drum banging) (broom swishing) (mellow hip-hop music) (feet slapping) So, I’d be remiss to have a video about weight loss, or losing weight, and not talk about why it’s such a hard, and challenging journey, and why I respect those of
you that are going through it. First, and foremost, that’s
just a lot to unpack. What we go through in that process, are things like changing our habits. Habits are what we’ve done
every day of our life, to get us to this point. So, ultimately, we’re
having to change the things that we’ve done on a daily
basis, every single day, for 40, 50, 30 years, whatever it may be, and all of a sudden we’re saying, I’m just gonna change that completely. Do something different from here on out. That is (beep) hard. Like real hard. Also, you have to change
things, like nutrition, and get comfortable with
new forms of exercise. It’s like moving to an
entirely different country. There’s just so much
to do in that journey, that I completely
understand why it’s hard. There are a lot of things that you can do, to work yourself in that direction. There are a lot of ways of
making those changes too. Like food. To cycling. (bell ringing) (tires squealing) (wind blowing) (grunting) Oh yeah. Why are we still on this scene? (huffing) But you’re looking for a
quick workout on the rower. And that, we can do. So let’s start with the basics. Like how do you sit on the machine? How do you set your feet? How do you hold the handle, and how do you basically
move on this machine to make a workout effective, thereby, making your weight loss attempt, much more impactful, if you will? So, these are the basics
that you’re gonna take every time you get on the machine. I cannot encourage you enough, use these as a checklist, so
that every time you sit down, you walk through these, and then you can get your workout started. (wheels rumbling) (banging) (wheels rolling) That didn’t really go
the way I wanted it to. So if you’ve never done this before, the basics of the movement, are really what you need to start with, and get very comfortable with. Those things are very complicated if we get deep, deep, deep,
deep, into this movement. But for the basics, all you need to know, are that you’re going to
set-up at this catch position, this is the front of the position. You wanna brace tight
through your midline, and you wanna be pushing
through your legs first. It’s that leg push that creates
the majority of the work. Once the legs are about to finish, then the hips swing open. Once that happens, then
you’re gonna snap the arms in. A lot of people will describe
it as legs, hips, arms. Then we return, by doing
the exact opposite, because we want to prep ourselves to be in the same position,
at the catch, every time. So it’s like a mirror image. If I drove legs first,
hips seconds, arms last, then I’m going to push
the arms away first, close the hips, and then let the legs return second. What’s important to remember, is that on the drive, you push this way. You’re going to push as much
as you can through your legs. 60% (slapping) of your force
production comes from the legs. So push, then as the legs extend, then the hips swing, and then the arms snap in and push away. Now it was 60% (slapping) legs, 30% hips, 10% arms. That’s how much of my work
is coming in the drive from each portion of my body. On your return, we call that recovery, because we recover. So what’s gonna change, is that I’m gonna keep those percentages. (slapping) 60, 30, 10, except this time, it’s going to be an
amount of time to recover. Meaning, in the amount of time
it takes me to go that way, I’m giving my arms only 10%, then my hips get 30%, and my legs take up
60% of the return time. Now that’s (slapping)
because they do all the work. I wanna give them plenty of time, to help me recover, all
the way to the catch. All you gotta do, is just repeat that over, and over, and over, and just refine that movement. So it’s leg drive, hips, swing arms. Arms release, body closes, legs relax. Push, and relax. Push, and relax. That’s the rhythm. Rowing is just a rhythm. Get comfortable on this machine, establishing that rhythm, and this thing starts to make sense, once you can establish a rhythm. Before you get started,
make sure that you warm-up. I could take you through a whole bunch of different warm-ups, but that would just take a long time. We’ve got some other great videos, so if you need warm-ups, make sure you check those videos out. I’m gonna go ahead and
link ’em right about now. (popping) All right, so this workout
is scalable, up and down, and it’s perfect for weight loss, and as well, getting a
good aerobic workout. It’s gonna get your heart elevated, it’s gonna make you work hard, and it’s going to help you, kinda get started in this journey. And it’s scalable, up and down. Meaning that you can adjust
this to whatever your needs are. The more work you want out of this, the further you go. The earlier you are in your journey, the less you put into this, in the amount of time that you row. I would encourage you, that you take your time, and get comfortable first,
before just going crazy on it. Here’s the workout, It’s going to be 30
seconds on, 30 seconds off. Then one minute on, one minute off. Two minutes on, two minutes off. Four minutes on, four minutes off. And so, and so on. So you’ll continue to add time to it, doubling the amount of
time of work and rest, every single time. You just go as high as you can. Then, we come back down. So however far you go,
you have to come back. Make sure that you pay attention to the fact that you need a little bit of effort left in you. You can’t just go for broke
on a four minute piece. You still have to do four on, four off, then two on, two off, one on, one off, 30 on, 30 off. To program a monitor for this workout, what I’m gonna do is starting
by hitting the menu button, that gets the monitor on. Next, I’m gonna go to select workout. Then new workout. Then intervals. Then at intervals, variable. This allows me to set however many intervals I plan on doing. For example, let’s say we’re gonna go to four minutes of workout time. Start with time, gonna
change this to 30 seconds. So right arrow, and then the
plus button, three times. Left arrow, zero it out. Then I’m gonna go down to rest time. Hit the plus button three more times, and now I’ve got 30 on, 30 off. I hit the check mark. Now I’m gonna set interval two, which is going to be one
minute, and one minute. So one, over, zero that out. Down to rest time. One, over, zero it out. There’s my one minute, and one minute. Check mark, time. This time, it’s two and two. So there’s two, and two, check mark. Time, four, right arrow, and four, check mark. Then I would just work my way back down. So time, two and two, time, one and one, time, 30 and 30. After all that, I’m
gonna hit the check mark, and then no more intervals. Now it’s all programmed into my monitor. I can hit units, and I’m
to my workout screen. Remember guys, if you’re getting started on your weight loss journey, do not approach this thing,
and attempt to crush it. I only want you to go so far as you’re comfortable, for day one. Now come back to this workout repeatedly, and every time you gain a
little bit more confidence, then you can take a step further. But your goal with this
first time doing the workout, if you’re on a weight loss journey, is to score a win. I want you to walk away from this workout feeling confident, happy, like you succeeded in the day. I don’t want you to walk away, having felt like you got nothing left, and you just failed at the workout. Always start, what I would
say, start cautiously. Each time, you’re gonna
learn a little bit. You’ll learn a little bit about how much more you can handle. Make this a building-block workout. Come back to it. Add intensity as you do
this workout repeatedly. Remember, you don’t
summit Everest in a day, except for that one guy
who did it in nine hours. But we’re not that guy. We have a much different journey. We’re all independent. Everybody’s got their
own, separate, journey. You just have to take
responsibility for what yours is, and set the parameters that are going to lead to your success. That’s why this workout is so great, is it can be as short, or as
long, as you need it to be, to define success for
you, in your journey. So guys, please know, I support you in every
step of this journey. Along your weight loss,
along your fitness. Whatever your goal may be. But if you’re here for weight loss, I get it. I know how hard it can
be to work through that. I’ve worked with tons of clients, and I honestly mean that. I wish you the best of luck. I hope that we can be a
great resource for you in what you’re trying to accomplish. I know it’s not easy. I know every step of the journey can be hard, and it’s a fight, but we support you guys. And that’s why we wanna put
this content out there for you. So that you can can feel
like you have a place to go, people to talk to, a
community that supports you, and the knowledge that
you need, to get there. While we may just be a
step in that journey, we’re proud to be that. I honestly mean this, when I say it, but I believe that the
rower’s for everyone. That is what matters to me about this. That we make this accessible
to anybody who’s interested. If this is something that
you wanna pursue further, if you wanna tackle a specific goal, whether it’s weight loss,
or a 500 meter, or a 2K, or you’re just getting started,
and you want the basics, head on over to our website,, where you can sign up for our program, that is going to give you
our library of workouts, and you can pick and choose what you want to use, and when. It’s our community that
makes rowing, for everyone. And as always guys,
thank you for tuning in. We will see you in the next episode. We will see you, on the other side. (uplifting music) I don’t know if this is a
great idea or a terrible idea, but I’m gonna try it, nonetheless. (thumping) (machine humming) Ha!

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  1. Nice tips, again. I like the garage fitness videos. I think you forgot to disable the blurring after the street scene, blurred nose! Some good comedy elements too haha.
    Also – unfortunately – you can't outrun/outrow a bad diet. Diet is 80% of losing weight – I know from experience…

  2. I love the fun and play in this video. I have a question though: can you tell me about the “science” behind taking 8+ minutes “off” on these intervals? Even 4 off seems… kinda like a waste of time. I understand recovering for a minute or two, letting the heart rate come back down, but 8?? Can you explain why?

  3. I waited soooo long for that video. 🙂 Thank you very much. I'll give that workout a try and see I can a) get my rowing mojo back (lost it somewhere along the way this spring) b) use it as a kickstart to get back into better (eating, workout, …) routines. I have still ~15kg to go (already lost ~55kg). As always: Thanks Shane. 🙂

  4. Only you Shane can make fat loss fun & funny!! Grateful how you continue to hit the basic points. Makes the rower a better tool👍👍

  5. I really enjoyed this video. Very funny and informative. I am also restarting the Stonglifts program. I want to intersperse them: lift one day row the next. Is this doable? Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Went to your shop area on website. Did not see the shirt your wearing in this video. Is it available? Thanks for the video

  7. I found this so helpful. No one ever showed me how to set the intervals. Didn't know the machine could do this. I really like your other workout when you row with us and the intervals. Thanks so much!

  8. Thank you thank you thank you. You are so genuine. I just think you're wonderful. I am on a weight loss journey and I've been on such for 1 year and 9 months. It has been so tough. I work out most of the time twice a day with two different trainers, one is a regular trainer one on one working hard with weight lifting and all types of work including conditioning workouts. My other trainer is a boxing coach and I work with him one-on-one. I am very interested in boxing conditioning since because of how good it is for the body and how strong and healthy it makes a person. I am now adding a day off to my workouts because I have learned the hard way that I need to give my body rest for recovery. I just purchased a rowing machine so I can have it in home to further my knowledge and learning of rowing. I was introduced to the rowing machine with my first trainer of the day. Someone donated a concept 2 rower to his gym and guess what? I learned how to row and my trainer uses it every day when we train as part of my circuits. I really wanted to get better at rowing technique and get stronger with the mental part of exercise and also get in top physical condition by one of the tools, the concept2 rower. I just bought a concept 2 model d rower. My trainer has agreed to help put it together with me to help me. I just wanted to tell you that you were so encouraging to me. You don't come off with any health and fitness attitude like some do, you just really are very sincere, and that means a lot to people like me. I have lost a lot of weight. I've lost well over 100 pounds just by being careful what I eat, and that is a mental battle and very tough lots of times really, daily it's a battle. I have about 120 more to lose to be completed with my weight loss. I have lofty goals and really just wanted to commend you for being so genuine in your videos and very FUNNY. 😁😁😁🐸 I was soaking to soothe my aching muscles laughing my head off at your silliness. It's refreshing to see such genuine videos and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I very well may reach out to you and your establishment in the future for support in my future goals with my weight loss. Thank you so much for encouraging people like me that have a long way to go yet. I have come a long way, but what you said is true; EVERY STEP of the way is very HARD. I work out Hard, and sometimes it's just so difficult to push through tough workouts, but I am NOT quitting. I will NEVER quit until I'm finished with that journey, and then I can move on with my athletic abilities to improve more and more in my physical fitness goals. Thank you again and…
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!😁

  9. One question, because you mentioned that your legs should work more. I am a 6' 3" guy, 265 lbs with around 31% fat in my body. I did basicly no workout for the past year, but my work required me to walk and kneel a lot. I noticed that when I started rowing, my back and shoulder muscles started to get tired very soon but my legs didn't even feel the load after 30 minutes. Is it possible that I do something wrong, or is it that my leg muscles developed more due to my heavy weight being carried while my arms remained weak because of no exercise? Can I somehow determine that my technique is correct even if I feel I do it right?

  10. Thanks a lot for the motivation and your understanding towards the difficulties concerning weight loss! I've written down your instruction on rowing intervals, and I'll try it out on Tuesday next week;) I've had a decent weight loss over the last month or so (about 6kg weight loss), but I recently hit a plateau. So now I'm shifting my calorie intake to be more spread out during the day (my daily intake is about 2000kcal total distributed over 3 meals). And with this exercise as well (+gym and bicycling of course) I believe I'm on the right track;) Thanks again!

  11. Thank you 🙂 rowing is the first work out I've actually enjoyed and wanted to do every day. Already I feel 100x better but I'm glad to have a guide to help me do it right!

  12. Wow, your videos are great! No background music, no annoying "Hi, guyyyyyssss!" ha ha Learning a lot from you and laughing, too. Thanks! 🙂

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