Bear Crawl Exercise – Kinetic Sports Rehab

Hey, it’s Jason from Kinetic Sports Rehab.
I’m here today to demonstrate the bear crawl. Bear crawl is great for both core and hip
stabilization, as well as getting down the cross of the left or right cross pattern
that we use when we walk and we run. So, you’re gonna start by getting in a
hands and knees position. And we really want to tie together the
left hand and the right leg, and vice versa. So when we’re crawling,
those two sides are gonna work together. Our opposites are working together, and we
just wanna make this as smooth as possible. But notice that my back isn’t
shifting up or down, swaying side to side. And you’re just gonna move
that motion forward and back. If that seems comfortable and easy for
you, you wanna keep the toes down and lift the knees up, actually. This is gonna
challenge your core a lot more. You can continue making the same
motion as smooth as possible, again, making sure you maintain
a nice neutral spine position, and keep that cross pattern
throughout the entire motion. To make this more challenging, you’re
just going to extend the steps, but, again, make sure that you’re keeping that
really nice neutral spine throughout the entire exercise. And that’s it. That’s a
bear crawl. Give it a shot, have some fun.

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