what’s up guys I’m Roxette Arisa and welcome back to my channel today we’re going to get that face beat for the gym you know I’m going to be seeing you guys up in LA Fitness 24-hour Fitness playing that treadmill have you guys ever watched on a treadmill and like pretend it’s a runway or something like okay I’m getting very very off-track oh but yeah if you want to slay at the gym like me if you’re super duper extra or you know if you want to be a Fitness Instagram model of some sort or if you just want to look like you went to the gym put a whole beat say some makeup and then put on some workout clothes and call it a day and be like yeah totally okay then this is going to be the makeup look for you and it’s going to be all waterproof sweat proof very very long wearing makeup so if you want to see how I created this look and specifically what products I use because the products are very important whenever you’re creating it looks at supposed to be long wearing and you know Selectric waterproof all the things that I just said products are probably going to be your most important thing so if you want to see how to create this look just keep watching don’t forget to subscribe and join the rock star family before we get started and let’s do so starting off with foundation I’m going to be going in with my estee lauder double wear this foundation I’m telling you guys I don’t know what is in this but it is the most long-lasting foundation I’ve ever used in my life oh snap now knows I’m actually like a little embarrassed to admit this that I fall signal’s my makeup on way too often and sometimes if I’m wearing this foundation it will literally still be on full coverage when I wake up in the morning so that’s how I know it’s a very very long wearing foundation and definitely sweat proof and apparently sleep proof and I forgot to mention this but I already win with primer on pretty much any primer is going to help your makeup last longer personally I used the Tarte clean slate timeless smoothing primer but literally any primer that you already have will definitely do the trick as long as you’re using one so just real quick that’s easier though because I got a blend blend into the ear and once we have a nice little layer of foundation on our face we’re going to move to eyes next so I’m using one of my favorite drugstore products of all time this is the Maybelline Color tattoo 24-hour little eye shadow park and this is actually the shade zero eight creamy beige from the leather collection so I’m just taking the shade on a sigma buffing blend e39 and I’m going to start blending into the base of the lid and then into the crease this is such an amazing amazing product if you’re looking for long wear time it’s waterproof it’s going to say all-day it does increase it really is the bomb calm and you can always go back in with a fluffy blending brush that has no product on it and just kind of blend out all the edges to make sure it looks nice and seamless I would do this but for any of you new rock stars out there just thought I’d mention it this is the Sigma defuse crease a 38 that I was using by the way and oh yeah I already did my brows as you rarely tell but I don’t have you guys know but benefits precisely my brow is like 12 hour wear time and it I think it’s actually waterproof I’ve wet my brows before and it’s still Cezanne and this is what I use so good product if you’re looking for a nice waterproof long-lasting bra progress occur what’s going to be next we’re not going to be doing wings today because I mean you definitely could I’m just not doing it for this look but we are going to be using a waterproof liner so if you want to do wings you could totally do it with this guide because I’ve tested this out and it really really does stay on it’s the maybelline instant what am I saying not the instant nature on the maybelline eye studio in the shade blackest black make sure to get the one that says waterproof on the outside and this is actually 24 hour wear time okay but for me today I’m just going to be adding on a really thin line so that we can hide our lash band because yes honey we are going in with last shifts today but I do find that this set makes it easier to apply our false lashes so that’s why I definitely recommend doing this even if you’re not going to do a full winged the next you want to curl them last and we’re going to straight to mascara so this is a really really good one actually have two options for you guys that I really like as far as waterproof mascaras go because I think liner and mascara probably the most important things to get waterproof so drugstore option would be Maybelline colossal Big Shot waterproof make sure to get the waterproof one and then the higher end or yes higher-end option would be the Too Faced waterproof better than sex the one in the blue tube so these two are both really bomb honestly I’m gonna get sometimes I have those days when I just like can’t even get through a sentence but I’m going to be going with the Maybelline just because I love this they actually love both but just today I’m going to go with the Maybelline then for lashes I want something super duper fluttery so I’m going to be going in with queen bees from Koko lashes and I’m just popping this on with the house of lashes glue honestly the glue is the most important part if you are going to be going with lashes if you’re extra like me then definitely go with the house of lashes glue this is the only glue that I find to actually hold yeah I don’t know if you guys know this actually but I used to be a competitive athlete for 20 years I was a figure skater and sometimes well yes all the time for composition I would wear false lashes because you know figure skating called glam and you know you know how it is so this was the only thing that actually held through my practice eyes through the competition through like literally anything and it would still my lashes would still be on at the end of the competition day so I got you Sam moving back to the safe now Aurum using an oldie but a goodie this is tarte maracuja creaseless concealer this is waterproof it’s full coverage and as the name says it is creaseless so perfect for the gym if you’re going to be sweating a lot and I’m wearing I don’t know what shade I hand Monica Lee because I’ve had this for a long time oh I see it light sand I’m shade like sand and you guys know the drill once that is all blended out we got to go in and do some baking action so I’m reusing the dermablend professional setting powder and just doing a little light bake with my damp Beauty Blender a lot of people don’t like baking because they feel like it takes extra time but the way that I’m going to show you guys we’re going to doing this and then moving on to other steps so that we can bake while we’re still continuing to get stuff done because we got to get her done over here so yeah like I said we’re going to be getting stuff done while we do this so the next step is going to be cream contouring if you really want your contour to sound which I do because I feel like I always need definition in my face because I have like a round earth face so I’m never using this mac cosmetics concealer it’s actually the matchmaster concealer in 8.0 so it’s a darker shade definitely is a concealer for cream contouring if you really wanted to stay on you can use a normal cream contouring shade and that will definitely do the trick but if you really really really want it to stay on girl go ahead and buy yourself a concealer because it’s thicker and it’s meant to cover up stuff and stay on you know what I mean and while we’re here I’m just going to go ahead and take some of the Becca cosmetics shimmering skin perfecter liquid in the shade champagne pop you guys know this is my jam right now and I’m gonna go ahead and pop this onto the cheek just underneath where we put that baking powder honestly if you can don’t take the baby hour too low I went a little too low I got a little crazy today but yeah just kind of go around where you have the bacon cover arty and now let’s go ahead and set down my cream contour I’m gonna be using this Rimmel I know it looks a little it looks like it’s been through a lot I accidentally stepped on this so the top completely broke off and it like jabbed into it but the reason why I really want to use this is because it’s waterproof and it’s very long wearing and it’s hard to find waterproof powders to be honest so this is a really really good one if you’re looking for something that’s going to be completely completely sweat proof so I’m just going to take this on a japanesse brush to set down that cream contour that we put down it’s going to add a little bit more contour and also warm up the face alrighty now let’s go ahead and wipe away all this excess powder and reveal some really nicely set foundation I actually like actually feel it because I haven’t really been baking like on an everyday basis or anything so I can really feel the powder when it like actually works and oh it is working today take a little more of that bronzer and put it underneath the lower lashes again it’s waterproof very very difficult like I don’t know if you guys understand to the extent that I’m saying it but it really really is difficult to find waterproof powders so that’s why I would definitely recommend using this one in particular then for that lower lash line or for the lower waterline I definitely recommend this particular product the smashbox always on gel liner i’ve talked about several times but I’ve never in my life used liners that stay on as long as these do and they’re waterproof so yes we gonna do it up this is in the shade shark it’s kind of like a charcoal black I would say it’s not a stark black so I thought it would be pretty for this look then I just applied the same exact mascara the Maybelline Big Shot waterproof to those bottom lashes to finish off the eyes and removing to the lush so tarts blushes are the bomb if you want something that’s very very long wearing I think they’re waterproof no I don’t think they’re waterproof sorry but they are it literally says 12 hours and I can attest it honestly they say on for a long long but one-one-one-one long time and usually blush is the first thing to wear off on on your makeup but these blushes these are great so I’m using the shade tipsy it looks very bright in the in the pan but when you apply it it’s actually a really beautiful warm coral now for highlight we already put down that cream Becca shimmering skin Perfector or liquid I should say and that’s really going to be the key to making your highlight last all day so you can just go in with any powder highlight to set that down and top it off I’m using joues citrine highlighter today and I’m applying that with a sigma strobing fan s42 she’s abusing oh you spent a lot like you’re a be like no that’s just not sopping eyelid so we’re going to miss the lips now and I’m going to be using the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in the shade iconic nude these are a little bit pricey but I really really do think they’re worth it if you want to look a little splurge but they’re the best lip liners that I found to stay on they’re not really marketed as like waterproof or anything but I think they are just from my experience because I have you know drink I drink ie I do whatever with these on and they always stay on even if the lipstick on top comes off this will still be on oh and a good tip if you really want your lips to stay on fill in your lip liner all the way because even if it’s been it’s kind of like more layered you know what I mean even if the top lipstick or lip gloss or liquid lipstick comes off you will still have like a little bit of security like a little security cushion especially with this lip liner because I’m telling you I’ve never seen anything like it like the staying power of this lip liner formula is pretty freakin crazy then for our main lip shade we got to go with a liquid lipstick I mean come on so I’m never using this one from Sephora the creme lip stain in the shade 33 honestly these cream lip stains are probably one of the best liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried as far as staying power they stay on for a really really long time without ever getting dry or patchy or crumbling up at all it’s just like a really really solid formula so definitely something that I would recommend if you’re looking for a long wearing product and once we’ve got those lips on our last step is going to definitely be to set everything down and this is the Milani make it last setting spray this is bomb is drugstore and it actually has 16 hour wear time and I can really really vouch for that I think that it’s a really really nice setting spray for long wearing party let me use these bad boys back on and we aren’t golden my friend so this is the finished look I hope you guys like it I really really liked how it turned out like the finished look of it but also just the fact that it’s literally going to be on for the rest of my life like I could go to sleep twice and wake up and this makeup will still be on my face so perfect makeup if you are looking to just slay the day at the gym you know full beat treadmill workout yes honey but um you know even if you don’t want to wear this make it to the gym I think it’s still a really cool look for pretty much anywhere you want sweat proof waterproof makeup you know at the beach at theme parks summer times coming up so pretty much all summer just let your girls numba wearing yeah anytime you want some waterproof action in your life but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video I’ll list all the products down below I think the products are very solid and very important for a look like this to just try to make sure you’re you know picking and choosing waterproof long wearing and lot of boom bada bing this is what you’re going to get so hope you guys enjoyed give it a thumbs up if you did let’s try to get this video to 5,000 thumbs up I don’t really know what’s high or low honestly because I don’t pay that much attention to like the numbers or anything but let’s try to get to sorts up and how about that um yeah and I think that’s going to be it from you remember you are Bo finds it out I love you guys with all of my heart girls I hurt hope to die and I will see you next time PS I know some of you out there may not want to go full beat to the gym you know I feel you I feel you on that but if you want me to do a more simplified sweat proof makeup like maybe just like a little little something a little you know touch up to the natural beauty then comment down below okay

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