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Hey guys I’m Lisa so in addition to
working here at laseraway I’m actually an IFBB Pro bikini
competitor so today it is my pleasure to go over some of your beauty routines for
a great skincare at the gym alright so first tip number one don’t laugh but yes
it is water a gallon of water please if you’re gonna go to the gym and crush a
great workout you gotta drink the water plus you know if Claire looks good
now I’m gonna share some of my beauty essentials really important okay so say
you’re transitioning from work to the gym or from a day what I like to do is
cleanse the skin appropriately I’ll always have a pack of makeup wipes and
in addition I actually do have travel sized facial cleanser a gentle one and I
really love this cuz it’s a light moisturizer no need to put the heavy
moisturizer because you will be sweating at the gym so a light one really works
and I love this one la beauty product all right now for the
gym I love these uh what are they they’re like elastic hair ring but not
your typical one so they don’t leave that weird crease in your hair from we
have it in a ponytail and it’s really tight from like an hour to at the gym so
love these things won’t actually crease your hair now for you ladies where you
got to have a little something because you know there’s a make you guys at the
gym maybe one or two or a lot we have your moisturizing lip oil which is great
keep the lips hydrated throughout now lashes you gotta have the waterproof
mascara this is great cuz it’s all you might think but of course a little
something and of course with the ladies who need a little help with the brows
you know it’s kind of mega pop we have like a water-resistant eyebrow gel and
of course the pencil and the most important would be our SPF 50 now this
is great because it is sunblock and it’s 50 SPF so you got to have a sun
protection especially going you know to and from the gym so we’ve got to make sure again fva to
put on as you go up you know you leave the gym but live-saving
might have got a little sweaty not sure if you had enough time to take a shower
at the gym but you may need some dry shampoo for the hair which I absolutely
swear by because this one is really great to freshen up your do so you’re
ready to go if I know sometimes we don’t wash our hair like every day more like a
couple times a week so this would be great for your avid gym goer who does
happen to sweat a lot but not wash your hair for the day so dry shampoos for
sure like I said again you gotta push the water – this is the best best best
skin tip I could possibly get so there you go these are my beauty tips for the
gym if you want to share any of your beauty tips for the gym feel free to
comment below otherwise thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon like that
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