Beginner Workout Guide for Gymnastic Rings

rings are by far the best workout – for the upper body no Barbara Dumbo pull-up bar or kettlebell can match with them the reason for that are simple they are easy to carry simple to adjust cheap and you can do a lot of exercises on them if you want to start with ring strength training you have to master the basic exercises which can be a little tricky why because rings are unstable it’s a lot harder to stabilize yourself in all support positions but when it comes to hanging exercises it’s not that different from a stable pull-up bar to give you an overview of the basic positions and exercises we will now show you different exercises which we divided into five levels eleven one you start with the basic positions on the Rings which are the pushup support holds the dip support hold and the passes and exits hang in the first few tries it will be hard for you to stabilize yourself in those positions but with a little practice you will master the holds very quickly always in frustrate but not overextended arms in all basic positions the next movement you should master is the ring turnout in a push-up and to dip position this is very hard if you’ve never tried and are not used to it but it will influence your biceps your rotator cuff and shoulder stability in a positive way the last movement unlevel one are knee raises this exercise will challenge your core and of course your overall stabilization on level two you work with the basic horizontal movement patterns and by that I mean body rows and push-up the good thing about rings is that you can adjust difficulty easily by placing the rates higher or lower [Music] [Applause] if you are able to do both movements in the nearly horizontal position you are ready for level three here you work with the vertical movement patterns which are dips and pull-ups if you’re not able to do the movement you can also work with negative reps until you build up the necessary strength for a complete wrap another exercise on this level is the leg raise different to the level one new race you now aim four straight legs to move from a hanging position to the support hold you will need the ring muscle up but before you start working on that you need to learn the false grip for the false grip is necessary for smooth transition between those two positions you can start your false grip training in the body roll position this is much easier than in a normal hang because your legs are on the ground so you don’t have to hold your complete body weight to build up the strength between bend arm and straight arm false grip you can now do body rolls with the false grip if you can do this you can move on to the false grip hang if this is still too hard for you you can support yourself slightly with your feet on the ground if you are able to hold the false grip in this position you can work with the false grip pull up [Music] on level 5 we integrate and exercises which is called skin the cap this is the basic transition between all front and back level progressions this movement is a great straight on strength exercise and will not only build up strength but also mobility if you aren’t able to do them with a full range of motion you can add a little jump at the beginning of each positive movement only use that much support that you are able to do the move with strength on your current range of motion then increase the range of motion and decrease to support step by step so if you’re starting with strength training and rings you can work your way up with these five levels to build the basic strength and control on rings those levels are the fundamentals for most parts of your body use the same methods from your normal workouts and keep in mind to start low and increase slow don’t hurry and be patient and you will be able to master the Rings for further questions just leave a comment thanks Alex [Music]

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