Behind the Scenes: CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, Part 2 – Preview

So, we’re about to do the very first event. It’s the team version of Murph, and they’re about two hours early, which is awesome. I’m actually shocked. That’s why I was actually heading back out to grab something to eat, because I’m like, I probably got an hour to spare, ’cause they won’t show up, but I’m actually shocked. Although, half the team is here. I don’t know where the other half is. But, they’ll get in here, and I’m hoping that they’ll start warming up a little bit, maybe mess around with–if they even have one of those litters here to carry each other, maybe see how it feels. I don’t know. By the looks of it, they might not even let them mess around with it. How they try to always make them figure it out as they you know, go. But other than that, though, same old. I just sit back and watch them work out. There’s the big guy. Nice, man. I see you out there running. Dude, he’s a large human being. I always said, and I’ve been saying this for seven years, that I’ve been doing this. I go, “I really hope that I look like that when I get older.” And the older I get the more I realize the less and less–I still don’t look like that. Just kills me. But, love it. Interviewer: Do you think you guys will compete in the masters and that type of thing? The way the masters workouts are going, they’re beating the hell out of them too, and it honestly scares me, because, you know, everyone always jokes about it, but I always said, like, masters is my 20-year plan. I always tell people, I’m not training for individuals. I want masters, and now it’s like, I don’t want masters. Rich, on the other hand, Rich will do this until they carry him out, like on a stretcher and throw him in the grave. He’ll be doing this until the day that he dies. Interviewer: Has he talked about that? Like how long he’ll stay on a team? He’s just–he always says, “I don’t know how many years I got left,” and stuff, but I mean, the guy’s just way too competitive to stop. You would think that each year he slows down in working out. He’s worked out it seems harder this year than he did last year, and he worked out harder last year than he did when he was training individual, so each year, it’s like, how do you top it? And somehow, some way, he finds a way to do it. I’m sure eventually some of that will slow down a little bit, but I don’t think the competitive level will ever slow down, you know, as far as how much he wants it. They always joke that I’m actually like the coach, but they’ll come over here, and they’ll be like, “Hey, what do we do,” like, joking around, and then they’ll hand me all their stuff, and I just carry it. So realistically, that’s my role. If you notice, Lindy’s water bottle is starting to get empty. I’ll probably have to go fill that up soon. You know, Rich probably needs clean underwear here soon, because the guy sweats more than anybody, so I’ll go get that. Like, “Hey, go run, get this. Do this.” So that’s pretty much my role. The only part of strategy that I have is, “Hey, what’d ya see out there?” And I’ll tell them, and they’re like, “That’s OK, we’re going to do this.” Interviewer: They couldn’t do it without you. Yeah, as much as I like to believe that, I have to keep telling myself that, that they can’t do it without me. But, they can.

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  1. FYI it says log in for the full 23 minutes but really you have to subscribe for like 5.99 so dont create an account thinking you will be able to watch it like I did

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