Behind the Scenes: CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, Part 4 – Journal Preview

That’s the secret to team success is sweets. Jack ’em up on it. Does it look bad? Wait, let me tuck the ears in. Wait, where’s the– No, can we match? Just going to take it off anyways. I have to wear this. And I did so bad on the last one. I deserve every bit of humiliation before. I’m gonna wear a pink shirt. I’m gonna wear a pink shirt out there. You’re awesome. Knock it off. 3, 2, 1 … go. You’re going to move to the front.
Yep. Up, and go. As soon as you touch that line, drop. Unless they tell us different. Are we going boy, girl? How is the order? As long as me and Matt are on the end. When you dump it, literally just turn around. We’re gonna go right arm under for the whole thing to start. Every time you start, right arm under? Left arm under? Right, and we run with it that way. Right arm under. Then we drop it, and we spin. Let’s go left arm under. Start left arm under. It’s gonna be on our left shoulder. This is the sprint event. 3, 2, 1 … go! Worm’s on the left side. 3, 2, 1, up. Go. Down. Switch. Right arm goes under. Up. How much are we gonna (indecipherable)? It’s up to you guys. It’s not about clean and jerks. It’s about rope climbs. I’m gonna do one more rope climb. I need to do a rope climb. Interviewer: How are you feeling out there? I feel better. I got a little food in me. Had some Pop Tarts and gummy bears. Got some water. So I feel a lot better. Interviewer: Do you hold onto stuff like that mentally, or do you just let it go? Yeah, it’s all about the next workout, so– Definitely feel like I let the team down a little bit, so, you know, you just want to come back, and, I don’t know, prove to yourself and to them that, you know, you’re still in it. That’s what I’m going to do on this next workout. That’s my goal. So, move on. (singing) How are you doing? Hot. Yeah.

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  1. FYI it says log in for the full 16 minutes but really you have to subscribe for like 5.99 so dont create an account thinking you will be able to watch it like I did

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