Behind the Scenes: CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, Part 7 – Journal Preview

(music) Is anybody at retail right now? And what else? Women’s? Women’s, size 7 and a 9.5. We forgot our turf shoes, and Coach Darren is probably still sleeping. Rich: He’s awake.
Matt: No, I’m just kidding. He said he’s gonna bring them, but he didn’t answer my last text. They were on their way, so– I’d like to know who we’re paired with. Who do you want to be paired with? Here’s the thing. I think that you guys can do all of these unbroken, whereas I’m going to have to break both of them, so whatever guy feels like they want to break, because all of them can do all of the movements unbroken. For you guys I don’t think it really matters. For me it’s going to be who’s going to sit back with me, and where do you put me in the line. Uh, I’m not really sure. Handstand push-up, toes-to-bar (indecipherable) Alright guys, good luck. Appreciate it. Just the tip. Just the tip. Hand tags between every (indecipherable). In front of the sled. just the 45-degree tip of the– Just the tip again. On the way back, the whole thing has to get through. The slug, same thing. Can we come to a consensus on how we’re pulling it on the way back. Are we gonna try and go backwards walk? Walk forward. Walking forward on everything. Lord, thank you for this day. Thank you for this group we have together here. Thank you for this great week we’ve had together. Ready to close it out here. (music)

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  1. Why is it so difficult to find crossfit videos…. I'd really like to see the games and behind the seens but I just can't find videos

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  3. @crossfit when will part 8 come out? It would be a great end to holiday weekend to watch this today and also can we have them all on 1 long video?

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