Being the Fat Girl at the Gym

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. So, let’s talk about
insecurity at the gym. I feel like most of the time,
I’m a pretty confident person. I have my insecurities, everyone does. But for the most part, I’m
pretty happy with my body. I love my body, it’s my home. And when I go to the gym, it
feels like all that confidence and self love that I’ve built
up goes right out the window. I feel singled out, I feel insecure. I feel like I’m the token
fat girl at the gym. Which is just sad and not true. And I know it’s all in my head. But it’s really hard to fight that. And I know a lot of other
people feel that way and have those same insecurities, too especially since it’s January right now, kind of, like the cliche time to get back on your health journey or kickstart your workout routine. In case any of you guys are
struggling with this, too I wanna open up about my
insecurities at the gym and share my tips on how I’m
working to overcome that. So, before I actually get into the advice section of this video I kind of wanna talk a little bit about how my mindset has changed
in terms of fitness, working out, health in general. I’ve always been very numbers focused. It’s always been about weight. It’s always been about size. About that number on the scale. And when I was thinking about, you know, where I wanna be with my
health and fitness this year I knew that 2019 had to be different. In the past, my weight
has yo-yo’d up and down all the time. I’ve followed these crazy
unsustainable fad diets. I’ve pushed my body to
the point of exhaustion. And I knew that if I wanted my health to be a priority in 2019 I
had to do things differently. So, this year my goal
is to focus on my health and not at all on numbers. I’m not counting calories. I’m not trying to lose weight. I’m not stepping on the scale every day. I’m focusing on making my body stronger through healthy activity that I enjoy. And nourishing my body with good foods that make me feel energized and ready. And being mindful and
actually listening to my body. Every single other time
through my entire life that I’ve ever gone on a health kick it has always been about numbers. And I’m leaving that in 2018. And so far, that has
been wonderful for me. Changing my mindset has made
this feel so much more about me and being healthy and happy
and not just trying to be thin. I don’t wanna be thin. I don’t need to be thin. I’m happy just being me. And being in my body. And I’m enjoying every workout that I do. I’m not working towards
a weight or a size. I don’t have any thinspiration. I’m not restricting myself. I’m feeling really good. I really wanna focus on
setting lasting goals for my health and fitness
that will uplift my mind and my body and my spirit. And I’m super excited to
have a sponsor in this video that supports women in doing exactly that. So, my all time favorite
brand of workout wear, Lululemon is sponsoring this video. And I’m kinda freaking out
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Sleeve Top and the same headband my fave headband. All the products that I’m
wearing and talking about will be linked in the description. I just love Lululemon. I’m so excited they wanted to
partner with me on this video. Their clothes are just so high quality and fit my body perfectly. Seriously, I have this pair of
the Fast & Free Crop Leggings that I got two years ago
and they still feel and fit like they’re brand new. Lululemon is the best. So, thank you Lululemon. All of those products are
linked in the description so you can shop and look super cute the next time that you
get your body moving. Now, let’s get into those
confidence tips for the gym. I feel a lot more
confident going to the gym if I have a game plan for
what I’m gonna be doing before I go. I feel like when I used to go to the gym I just used to kind of
be like, oh whatever, I’ll do cardio maybe some weights. And I would just feel kinda lost and not really know what to do next. And now what I do that just makes me feel a lot more confident going into a workout is I actually just write
down what kind of circuits I’m gonna do on my phone
before I go to the gym. I used to just do cardio
’cause that’s what I thought you were supposed to do to lose weight. And, of course, that was
always the goal back then. But now what I’m really focusing
on is doing workouts I like and getting stronger. And what’s best for that for me is just doing circuit training. So, I write down which
exercises I’m gonna do for my three circuits before I go. And then when I get to the gym I can just gather up my equipment, find a nice, little, quiet spot and go through my workout
without even thinking about it. There are so many great
resources to find exercises that you like and that
you can do in the gym. There’s free YouTube videos,
there’s workout guides. You could ask your friends what
they like to do at the gym. And you can create your little game plan, your little workout routine,
write it down in your phone and you will just feel so
much better going into the gym knowing exactly what you’re gonna do. So, if you like doing
circuit training like me or if you’re just gonna
be doing some stretching try to carve out a nice,
little quiet secluded spot to get your workout on. I definitely feel a lot more
confident and in my own head instead of worrying about everyone else when I have kind of isolated
myself a little bit. So, a lot of gyms have more secluded areas for this specific purpose. So, you can always try to use those or sometimes they have
little mini workout studios you can go into. And if not, just stake your
little claim in the weight area or in front of the mirror or
in front of the equipment. Wherever you wanna do it. Just a little spot that can be
your own for that 45 minutes or however long. Once you have your own little area set up and you feel like you’re not infringing on someone else’s
space or bothering someone else you can just focus on you. Which brings me to the
next very important point. This is your you time. This is your time to be all about you. When I go to the gym, no one
is asking me to do anything. No one’s expecting me
to respond to an email. This is all about me. Obviously, there’s a bunch
of other people at the gym. But that’s their me time. This is my me time. We’re all doing our own thing. It’s a great time to just
connect with yourself, appreciate your body and
enjoy some time on your own. And it’s okay to not be perfect. Don’t be embarrassed because
you aren’t the six foot four super buff guy benching 120. It’s okay, you’re doing good. Everyone’s is in their own
spot so don’t be embarrassed about where you are on
your fitness journey. That’s exactly why you’re here at the gym, to try to improve those
things and get stronger. You don’t have to be able to
lift a bunch of heavy things or move really fast. It’s okay to start somewhere. Everyone starts somewhere. I used to be embarrassed to go to the gym because I felt like I had to prove myself. I felt like if I was gonna
be a bigger girl at the gym that I needed to have perfect technique and that everyone was
gonna be looking at me and seeing how fast I’m
going on the treadmill or how much weight I’m lifting. And that is so not what it’s about. Just start with where you are. And it’s okay, you don’t
have to be embarrassed. Full disclosure, I can’t do a push up. I just can’t. My arms aren’t strong enough yet. I’m working on it. It’s not there yet. But that doesn’t mean that
I shouldn’t go to the gym until I can do a push up
just ’cause I’m embarrassed. I can start where I’m at. I do push ups on my knees. I’m building those
muscles and maybe someday I’ll be able to do a push up, maybe not. But regardless of what your brain might trick you into thinking
there’s nothing embarrassing about putting in the work
to make your body stronger. If you just feel lost
when you go to the gym about what to do or how the machines work take a workout class or
if you can afford one, hire a personal trainer. A lot of gyms offer free
classes that you can go to just if you pay that monthly membership. And it’s a great way to
learn some new exercises and just get more
comfortable with working out so that you can implement those things into your personal workout routine. And if you can afford to
and you really want to hiring a personal
trainer, it’s a great way to get a customized workout routine that you can do on your own even when you’re not with the trainer. Obviously that’s super expensive and not attainable for everyone. I don’t have a personal trainer. I workout on my own. And I think I’m doing fine. I enjoy my workouts and I’m movin’ my body and that’s the most important thing. Just a friendly little reminder. ‘Cause I think we all
need to hear it sometimes, myself included. No one is looking at you at the gym. It’s all in your head. No one is watching you. No one is judging you and if
you are they suck anyways. So, who cares about them? It’s easy to get wrapped up in your head about comparing yourself to other people who are at the gym. Or that your body looks
or moves differently than someone else’s but no
one else is looking at you. No one is judging you. So, don’t get in your head. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Focus on your workout as a time to really connect with your body. Feeling like the fat girl at the gym, I’m gonna keep doing that in quotes because no one is just their size. But feeling like that can
sometimes make me feel like I need to change my body or cover up my body so that I fit in. But that’s not what health
and fitness is about. You’re moving your body. You’re using your muscles. This is a great time to connect with and appreciate all the awesome things that your body can do. And my last tip. If you just can’t get
out of that head space, if you can’t overcome those insecurities that’s okay, I’ve been there, too. And there are other ways to be healthy and active and get some
movement into your life without going to the gym. You can go hiking. You can go for a run with a friend. You could walk your dog. You could do yoga. You could go swimming. The gym is not the end
all be all of health. There are so many other
ways to get some activity into your day that don’t
involve going to the gym if that’s too much for you. If you’re not there yet. That’s totally okay. When I changed my mindset
to be about health and about me feeling good and
not about trying to be thin or focusing on numbers that
is when my mindset changed and I became more confident at the gym. And I felt more happy with my body not like I needed to change it. So, while all of these
tips are helpful, I hope the most important thing
I hope you take away from this video is that
your body is doing awesome. Your body is amazing. It is beautiful. It is doing wonderful
things the way it is. And it’s great if you
wanna train or workout to make it stronger or
focus on your fitness. But you don’t have to hate or
punish your body to get there. You can love your body
right now the way it is. And want to get stronger and workout more because you love it,
because you love your body. And it’s your home. And not in spite of it. So, I really hope this was helpful to you. If this is something
that you needed to hear I hope that you leave this
video feeling more confident and empowered in who you are right now. And I will see you guys on
Monday with another new video. Bye. (electronic dance music)

100 Replies to “Being the Fat Girl at the Gym”

  1. I’ve started to see going to the gym as an extension of my self care routine. I only wear Lululemon Align pants, until I die 😋

  2. I don’t think you should be calling yourself “fat.” you are beautiful no matter what size you are !!! fat is just such a nasty word that nobody should be calling themselves. everyone is beautiful in there own way and nobody is “perfect”, everyone has there issues even skinny girls.

  3. I love eating healthy but I do not like going to the gym.
    I loled going on walks outside just being outside in general improves my mood

  4. All these feelings are coming from within though. You feel like this because you're the centre of your own universe, but try to remember you're not the centre of everyone else's. They're all too busy on their own work out, sorry if you've had a bad experience though

  5. So.true. I used to think everyone looked at me in the gym (as I tend to get a red face fairly quickly) but honestly everyone is just there for their own body, mind and health and just minding their own business. It is truly all in your head😌 Nice video Sierra 😘

  6. for me,,what i find to be the most embarrassing as a big girl is how fucking red and sweaty i get after literally 5 minuted on the treadmill

  7. I’m actually surprised that you took the spon with lulu, they have terrible sizing for women, ranging from 0-12 , hardly ever having 12 in store and men get XS-XXL. How is it fair that men get to have bigger sizes and women don’t?

  8. One of the things I do to get over any insecurities I have at the gym is go on a Friday and Saturday nights. Every gym I’ve been to is almost completely empty on those nights so I feel free to try new equipment and get that awkwardness out of me then so that, during the week when it is busier, I don’t feel like the chubby girl at the gym who doesn’t know what she’s doing.

  9. Ahh girl lululemon sponsored you!!!!! Omg that’s amazing like this is lululemon everyone wants to be sponsored by them

  10. I recently got a pair of fast and free leggings from lululemon and I love them even for like day to day lazy comfy leggings

  11. This is so good!!! I only ever achieved something when I changed my mindset of why I ate healthy and worked out!!! I now workout because God wants me to keep my body healthy. We only get one body, so why would I want to trash it?? Also I love to feel like I am strong and toned, and the energy I get from working out is so amazing!!! Plus it helps my mental health so much, and that is something I’ve been prioritizing lately. Good luck on your health journey my dear, I know you can do this!!! ❤️

  12. I’ve always been super skinny, but never really felt 100% confident in my body, so recently I decided that I wanted to really start working out and getting stronger. I got my dad to make a workout program for me, and even though I only just started I am so excited! He is just the best personal trainer and really helps me learn more about fitness and my body and muscles, and just help me stay motivated! The gym can be such an intimidating place, but it really helps going with someone

  13. I subscribed to your channel because of your awesome bubbly positive personality. Now I see that you're one of those people that found a balance. You love yourself and you use that love to help you better yourself and take care of yourself and that's truly amazing and I hope you manage to stick with it and live a long healthy life!

  14. Gym cuteness. : ). I like to see a determined curvy lady at the gym working off some indulgence that she enjoyed. : ). And thinking about her next indulgence.

  15. So happy I found you mindset is EVERYTHING last year I was so depressed always thinking about my weight numbers. I changed that this year and I feel so much better my I’m falling so I love with myself my marriage is better my work is better !

  16. No matter what, never call yourself fat! You are beautiful and an amazing person! There is absolutely no reason to call yourself fat! You are one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Everyone in this world is beautiful and loved ❣️ much love to you sierra❣️

  17. Nice video. Im curious about the circut work outs. Also I thought the sponsored leggings would have plus size for this type of video.

  18. Thank you SOOO much for this video!!😊💓 my friend and I have been talking about starting to go to the gym and have kept putting it of for a while now and this video really helped a lot of my worries and insecurities about the gym!

  19. I love love love this video so much. I've been watching you like crazy because I feel like you're such a genuine soul.
    I just started taking my fitness serious maybe a month and a half ago. I've never really been "big" but I've been self conscious about the shape of my body and still remember when I was 9 and my cousin told me he would get my a treadmill for my birthday to lose weight. I've been longing for that strong curvy body (slim thick) since I was 15. I'm 20 now and I've gotten over my fear of the weight room and decided I wanted to be strong. I was tired of not being able to lift things over 20lbs and I only worked out cardio and legs. I used to always be embarrassed when some super fit chick would come over to help me with my form.

    I think when I finally realized no one cares what I look like at the gym and that everyone started somewhere I liked it. I hated going to the gym and now I look forward to it. I went from barely being able to curl 10 lbs to doing 15 with no problem in such little time. I always find motivation in people like you who never compare themselves and just want to be the best version of themselves!!

  20. What i ve learned over the years is that nobody cares about you in the gym 🙂 Even the most shredded are looking how to get better and better. "Everyone's is in their own spot so don't be embarrassed". Nice quote!

  21. I feeeeel you 100 percent!!! I’m in curvy body and I was smaller before I started intuitive eating) but now I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ I’ve gained weight back

    I’m done with my yo-yo weight and I. Am not even trying to loose weight anymore and learning to love my body!

    Dieting causes binge eating and I couldn’t handle it anymore lol

    What lululemon??? Canada brand 👏👏👏 I love them 😍

  22. I’m such a mole, I don’t make eye contact with anyone in the gym. Get my workout done and leave. People at the gym are all on a fitness journey, So I don’t care what people look like.

  23. As the smallest girl at the gym (after loosing 40 pounds) I can honestly say that no one gives a single fuck about the “bigger people”. In fact, most people are silently cheering you on. A lot of us have been there and know how hard and uncomfortable it can be. But also at the other end of the spectrum, it’s uncomfortable for us too. It’s something I’m working on – but being in the free weight section and always makes me insecure.

  24. As a fitness instructor I totally agree with you! I teach fitness and it comes in all shapes and sizes! To workout and feel good you need to EAT! I can’t tell you the number of times people have come to classes and almost passed out because they haven’t eaten! Does your car drive without gas or being charged?? I try and teach positive body image and that’s whether you are teeny tiny or on the exact opposite side! We are are beautiful and we all have our own journeys! Just be active!! Also keep working on those push-ups… give a try on your toes for at least one and then maybe two next week … YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!! Hugs for a positive video!

  25. i’m a literal noodle, i have no fat and NO muscle so at the gym i walk around feeling super insecure that there’s so many fit girls with huge booties, squatting 200 pounds and i can barely hold 5 pound dumbbells 😩

  26. This is no hate to you Sierra but Lululemon does not do sponsored videos. A while back Brittany Dawn Fitness came under fire for claiming her video was sponsored by them. They responded due to the uproar it caused and said they did not even know of her. I don't want to see you get dragged but perhaps you thought being sponsored was equally associated with using affiliate links but the two are very different in legal terms. Have a good one and again no hate oxox

  27. I found you’re channel yesterday and girl I love you! I am so happy you have a channel supporting female and our bodies! I am working on losing weight loss and I’m so happy, because you are right it’s not all about numbers. I workout, eating less, no junk food or fast food, and girl I’ve been feeling so good! To everyone who is losing weight you can do it! Have confidence and believe in yourself Queen!! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. I joined the gym mid last year. I always hated the gym because I felt you had to thin and super fit and know how to do all the exercises to go.

  29. For me every time i see overweight people in the gym me & my friends think like good that he/she comes here theres supposed to be judging in gym

  30. I feel comfortable in my gym. It's very varied, there are buff people as well as seniors, teens, new mums and "new to this" people. There's a strict no-bullying rule and I have never felt being looked at. I do focus on numbers because it keeps me motivated but I don't compare myself to anyone else. Why should I? 120 to 89 kg postpartum after not quite 8 months so far and proud of myself.

  31. Girl trust me I've been to the gym and trust me i know you can do it, You have the fire in you and the motivation, and the harder you work out they won't be staring because of your weight they'll be looking at you and admiring your strength to keep pushing forward

  32. Hey girls, your shape can be modified according to healthy training. Gym is there to feel better. Let's accept your actual status in order to aim your next goal.

  33. Sierra! Your facial features are great! 😊Your shape it's only about your goals and you can change it when you want! 😉 Great attitude!

  34. Awwww literally been doing the same thing don’t care about losing weight at all! IT HAS BEEN SUCHHHH A BLESSING! Lol also I got me some lulu lemon weightlifting shorts for my powerlifting and they are soooo awesome! I’ll have to check out the leggings eventually! Got to save that money!

  35. I feel like if you actually want to work hard and get heather Idk just don’t be the hoe who is waisting everybody’s time on machines you don’t know how to use

  36. Today is a brand new day and I want you and your body to be shown off to the world in the best version it can be. Take real action and find the #1 thing that’s makes you so insecure about your body and use that as motivation. “Look good, feel good” it truly is true. I use to be overweight and every time I bought clothes I would look terrible in them and would always blame it on the clothes so I kept buying new ones and still looked terrible. But once I realized my body was the problem not the clothes, I took action, slimed down, and grew muscle and now I look good in anything I put on. I don’t have to worry about pulling my shirt down every 4 seconds over my big belly or order larger shirt sizes to look “slimmer”. When you’re in shape, you truly will look good in anything you put on and it’s honestly the best feeling in the world. Your confidence level will sky rocket and you will be able to do activities and not get tired after 2 minutes lol. A lot more people will acknowledge you whether that’s men or women or whoever you want to attract. I went from 240 to 190 in 4 months then went for 190 to 200 with pure muscle (I’m 6’2). Trust me, your life will change forever, but it starts with you and your choices and how badly you want it. Literally take an actual minute and think about all the times, ALL THE TIMES you’ve felt insecure in public or nervous cause of the way you look. Now use that as motivation!

  37. Thank you for doing this video! This is always how I feel… the “fat girl” in the gym. I’m definitely going to try to change my mindset as well, thank you for these tips! You’re beautiful inside and out! ❤️

  38. guys being skinny its just a trend nearly everyone wants to be in in the 90s there wasnt most hate on your body like now were all been brainwashed BE YOURSELF!

  39. Ive been trying to look for leggings that dont slide/slip down from the waist area. Do these slide down?

  40. I'M so fat and I felt unhealthy I want to hit the gym but I'm so shy cause they will judge me cause I'm fat.

  41. Hey! Thank you for making this(: would love to see more videos like this, I need to workout for my health not to be thin but mainly for my mind and sanity. I always start then stop :O this is awesome! Hopefully I can start and keep it up :DD thank youuuu <3333

  42. Great video. Exercise should be fun. Gotta do what you love, but I love weightlifting. Also, try listening to Mindpump on Spotify for more inspiration. I'm addicted 🤩

  43. Ok, when you said nobody is looking at you, I felt like I had to add something. When I’m at the gym I get bored of looking at the screen that shows progress and stuff and I start looking at the other people working out. I just scan the room and stare at people until I catch myself staring and look elsewhere. I obviously don’t mean to stare or make anyone uncomfortable but it just kind of happens, I know my friends do it too! So if people are looking at you in the gym, it might just be out of boredom/ not having anything better to look at :/

  44. Hey Sierra, you'll probably not read this because I am late but I want to tell you this story. You were talking about how you've always been focused on sizes and the number on the scale. I am focused on health, but also weight and I need to work on that mindset. My friend (who has the "ideal" body) and I were texting recently on an unrelated topic and here's what the conversation came to.

    Me: Do you think you would lie about your weight too? I know I might.
    Friend: I might lie about my weight without knowing it, because I don't know how much I weigh.
    Me: Do you not have a scale in your house?
    Friend: We have a scale, but I don't really care about my weight so I just don't use it.

    My friend's mindset is seriously #goals 🙂

  45. LULULEMON doesnt make plus sizes. They are not for "fat"girls. I am a plus size girl who weight trains and does miles of cardio a week. I can bench press 105 at 5 feet tall and Im 48, and I cant find gym clothes that are functional and and arent stupid.

  46. I’m not curvy, but when I swam I was a size 4 but then I quit so then I went to a size 8 but now to a size 6… my ideal is a size 2…. I’ve never really relate to being “the fat girl” at the gym since I have my own gym in my house, but the YouTube’s I watch that I get my workouts from are my ideal size or smaller… I’m only 4’11 but I have a huge back so i hope it somehow gets smaller? But anyways I’m just trying to lose weight so I’ll look good when going into sophomore year, be toned for field hockey and swimming and crew

  47. I know no one will probably see this, but I just want to recommend fitness blender website to anyone who wants to get in an awesome free workout. I’m a mom of 3 girls. 6 and under. I have zero time to go to the gym, I don’t have money to hire a baby sitter and honestly I don’t have money for a gym membership. I just want to encourage those out there who don’t have the luxury of a gym to still take care of your body. I’m not focused on weight loss, I just want my body to feel good. Working out is such a stress reliever and it’s what I look forward to everyday! Fitness blender has hundreds of free workouts and an awesome variety. Cardio, HIIT, strength, yoga, and kickboxing are all there! It’s a husband and wife duo and they are so body positive and so encouraging! I’m not affiliated in any way, it’s just a website that has changed my life. ❤️

  48. I like to remind myself when I'm feeling insecure at the gym that "exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not punishment for what you ate." Not sure where that quote came from, but it's helped me so much!

  49. I'm a guy and I used to think that everyone would laugh at me at the gym but
    Really I was the guy that everyone helped
    I felt like everyone was my big brother or something
    It's weird
    And everyone was just so nice

  50. I know this is one of your older videos, but maybe say the size range. Lululemon doesn't go above a size 14 which isn't very inclusive to all curvy people

  51. I’m a pudgy thick girl lol and I switched from Planet Fitness to a powerlifting gym. My gym partner flaked on me the past two months because she reached her “body goal” and basically doesn’t want to help me or doesn’t want to be seen with me. I finally decided to go by myself and had a full blown panic attack and cried in a corner because there were so many people there. This girl who was like twice my size walked in with the MOST confidence I have ever seen and she went about her business and started her weightlifting routine even though people were giving her weird looks. Ever since then I’ve been pushing myself to go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week and I feel soo much better and healthier. Now I feel comfortable with my body enough to wear shorts and tank tops to the gym.

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