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  1. Calisthenics is definitely harder to master than weights… You make it all look super easy and graceful, Chris. 😎

  2. Something not mention much is how much core you build with these exercises. Especially those planche push ups, the amount of core strength needed to keep that form is insane

  3. hello Chris Heria I am new and I really want to ask you for a routine necessary to have big breasts ?? and it's to see if you can help me, I'm from Venezuela and it's for you to see that you're cool and change the world little by little.

  4. You have definitely changed my training and view on fitness. I just love learning new things and obtaining new information and skills. Im starting your program of C & W Intermediate tmr

  5. I’m 12 I’m 104 lbs I have got a bad diet but I’m really skinny but I have gained lots of muscles naturally but I want to gain 10 pounds of muscles but I want to keep my speed and jump what’s a good routine I can do

  6. I have a question regarding one/two legged squats. Should I try to do one legged squats if I feel strange ache in my left knee? Or should I concentrate on two legged squats further till my knee will get stronger?

  7. Could you make a video on how to strengthen weak joints? I have issues with wrists when doing pushups, and knee pain with squats. Any suggestions? Absolutely love your videos man. Thanks to you, I went from zero pull-ups to 5 in just a month.

  8. wow dude, u make me start on it!! just fifteen days of dayly workout and my body feels just wonderfull!!!! big thanks bro!!! i´ll keep on pushing!!!

  9. What size of the joggers do you wear? I bought two pairs and they are both SUPER tight around my legs below my knees. Which I am not happy about as they are not cheap. I'm 5'8 and weigh about 140 so I would think a medium woukd fit prefectly but that is not the case. Any help would be appreciated @officialthenx

  10. I recently gave up weights due to constant joint pain and stiffness that just kept getting worse every year. Went back to where I started with calisthenics and feel better everyday…

  11. I disagree
    though calisthenics have a lot of advantages, weight training have their advantages and disadvantages as well.
    none is better than the other.
    they aren't comparable and both have different training styles.
    both are amazing and can give you serious gains

  12. Hi Thenx team / Chris Heria.

    I'm a huge fan of your videos and Calisthenics. I have tried waist line push ups, planches and one hand push ups but even after 4 months of following everyday 1 to 1 and half hour exercise I still am unable to. I don't see a good growth in strength/ body shape either. Can you advise here?

  13. My friends a gym trainer. He observed me while he was training someone else too. my routine is pushups, burpee, speed skaters, hip ups, pullups, knees to elbows, power jumps, plyo pushups, box jumps etc, no weights. He said continue what I'm doing cause my routine targeted all functional fitness. Plus thanks to bodyweight/calisthenics, I can lift heavier weights like doing a single arm clean Kb at 70 lbs, also single arm kb snatch 53 lbs. So calisthenics incorporates multiple muscles at the same time. I dont look cut or buff, but sure can workout like a beast 😁

  14. Hey Chris!! The thing you said about one arm pull-up, I highly agree!! I've many friends who do gym and loft heavy weights but they can't do one arm pull ups they can't even come closer.. I follow your exercises from 4 months and now I can do one arms pull ups, all thanks to you bro

  15. I have been suffering from lower back issues for a while now so I can no longer do weight workouts like deadlifts ect. Will training in calisthenics help my lower back? I'm joining the army in around 6 months and need to stabilise my body so it doesn't happen again, if anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate a reply thank you 🙂

  16. I've always been a big advocate of calisthenics but chris takes it another level which has given me more to inspire to achieve as a student! My body weight has dropped thanks to the thenx workouts thanks Chris!😎🤙

  17. Saving this video to show this to my two sons as they embark on their fitness journey. I’ve injured myself many times over throughout my life ignorantly working out with massive weights. Calisthenics have made me the strongest and the most flexible I have ever been.

  18. How do I win that. Thank you OfficaialThenx for this workout and i want you to be my long time fitness couch. Can your app be on the computer? From: Kaley Baker

  19. I agree with Bodyweight training and love it, but I think it’s better to do both lift weights and bodyweight at the same time while training.

  20. Okay, today was my first time watching your videos. I was more intrigued by your tattoo s. As I was watching your videos. You impacted me, you said better to do less and be perfect than more and not. Wow, so today I focus on bending and really concertrate on touching floor with both hands. Today only did 2 but I did it. Wow, I am impressed with you. I usaually find fitness pros and trainers to be numb nuts lol. But your words rang true. I was doing push ups with bended knees. I tried and was able to do three like you did. I hope you don't mind if I share your information on my blog talk. Thank you Sir.
    Who did your tattoos.

  21. You can't excuse yourself if your too old
    I was doing some calisthenics at the beach in Australia and a 70/80+ man came around and did 7+ chin ups!

  22. My thoughts were that I started with weight training and then after some time continue on with calisthenics. Was or is this a good idea?

  23. This motivated me man im 14 and skinny i found ur channel and just fell in love with calisthenics and you explaining everything makes it easier i will be starting with the basics and hope to build my way up!

  24. Everyone likes the videos of people doing flips and cartwheels and what not…they are simply throwing their own weight in the air mastering stability, control, amd explosive Excersice. Gotta start some where right. Even if its a simple 10 push ups. A simple 10 sit ups. Do it!. Stay consistent. And you will be in a better place than you were the day before. This channel is the reason ive gotten back in shape after suffering a back injury (L4-L5 disc buldge and L5-S1 disc slip) i couldnt do weighted squats anymore it was hard to lay down and bench i started putting weight on because i thought "aw man im never going to be able to lift again". After finding the "drive" again finding motivation again. My muscle is coming back ive dropped 22lbs already my muscle is more defined. And im better than i was the day before.
    Thank you.

  25. I would be guessing what body exercises are best to do if not for guys like you Chris. After a week of wall handstands, my balance is improving. Starting to walk away from the wall a little bit!

  26. 20 reps with 135lbs on the bench is eassssyyy. I'd go 20 reps with 225lbs.
    That said I still prefer calisthenics. Triple clap pushups etc

  27. True, also calisthenics is more impressive, being able to control your body so well
    and do these things such as the front lever or the human flag and most of all, it's all natural.

  28. I know this video is a little old but I’m just starting out so this helped me out. Cool building, a lot better looking than my basement where I exercise.

  29. Best things about calisthenics that weight training has no answer for:
    1. Looks awesome and unique
    2. Can do it anywhere
    3. Explosion in ab strength

  30. I watch thenx video everyday
    Thenx has been a ADDICTION TO ME
    and with the music Sweat
    I workout
    Thank Yu Chris heria

  31. Press Up's "Too easy?" People say.
    Wel they've been doing it wrong, 100% can imagine their hands are by their head and not in line with their chest!
    I thought Press Up's were easy, but I found out I was doing it wrong, not it ACTUALLY hurts my Triceps, which is good because I'm progressing properly.

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