bengalis running backwards joe mixon again faces charges for the aggravated threatening misdemeanor, Cincinnati police said He Cincinnati Investigator on Friday.

mixon was initially indicted on February 2 for a road rage incident in which the Bengals running back allegedly pointed a gun at a woman in a threatening manner. charges they were fired on February 3but the police department left the door open to recharging Mixon once a full investigation was conducted.

Charges against Mixon were re-filed on Friday and he is scheduled to appear in court on April 19.

“The decision was made following the discovery of new evidence during the investigative process,” Cincinnati police said. “To preserve a fair and impartial judicial process for all parties involved, no details of the investigation or evidence will be released outside of official court proceedings.”

The Bengals also issued a statement regarding the charges Mixon faces againstinvestigator.

“The Club is aware that misdemeanor charges have been filed against Joe Mixon. The Club is monitoring the situation and will not comment further at this time.”

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