Bent-Over Dumbbell Row || Tamil || Back Workout

Hi Friends, Welcome to fitness freaks tamil I am Veera From the complete back workout series In this video we are going to see about Bent Over Dumbbell Row Back workout This back workout will be useful to build our complete back muscles and also to build our upper body strength Let us now see about the procedure on how to do this bent over dumbbell row back workout. In this back workout,we are going to concentrate on each side of the back individually Use an chest bench for support. Suppose if you are going to workout for your right side of your back muscle Place your left knee on the bench and the left hand for your body support Place your right leg firmly on the ground and position your back straight without bending it You have to move only your elbow while doing this back workout. At the starting position fully extend your arm, pull the weight with your elbow and pause it for a moment. Make sure your back is fully squashed at this moment and slowly get back to the original position Also makes sure you are not moving your back and lower part of your body when performing this workout While performing the back workout, you have to exhale while pulling the weight Inhale while returning back to original position While performing workout for one side of your back, position your opposite leg and hand on the bench Always start the workout with the weaker hand and don’t do more repetitions on your stronger hand. Make sure you are working out for your back workout equally on both sides We are going to do three sets for this back workout and each sets with 10 – 15 repetitions. This 10 – 15 repetitions should be done on each side individually. Lets see one complete set with 15 repetitions. I am going to workout for right side of the back muscles Procedure is same what we have seen before. Your hand should raise closer to your body This is one of the best back workout that concentrate on each side of your back muscles separately. As this uses dumbell, this exercise can be done at home and also one of the best back workouts in home Now I have completed 15 repetitions on one right side. Now I am going to show you have to do this back workout for your other side of the back muscles. This is one of the best back workout that concentrate on each side of your back muscles separately. As this uses dumbbell, this exercise can also one of the best back workout in home Now we have completed 15 reps for set -1. Same way do the workout for Set-2 with 12 repetitions and Set-3 with 10 reps If you look at the major mistakes while doing this bent Over Dumbbell Row You should not pull the dumbbell using forearms or biceps strength Place the body firm and straight some guys will swing it while performing the exercise and that should be avoided. The third mistake is instead of releasing the dumbbell straight some will swing it and that should be avoided thanks for watching fitness freaks Tamil. Please like and SUBSCRIBE the channel. Bent over Dumbbell row is a best back workout and also a best back workout that you do at home

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