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Guys there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. Your boy got a new car, and I want to show you It’s this I even got a gun on the front, got my handicap sign, we’re trapping. This is the greatest thing ever Hey, what’s up guys Keaton here so I’m outside outside of Barbies R Us we’re about a buy us a baby, no I’m just playing That’s not actually what we’re doing. If you guys are new we’re about to go find $100 worth of weird tech at babies R us Let’s get weird. We are not buying a kid, I’m just no, no. I think you have to make them. Let’s do it! So yeah guys, this is weird shopping in case you guys are new around here, basically I take $100 or whatever the price is and I go to different stores and try to see what kind of weird products And weird tech we can find. Drop a like on this video if you guys want another and let me know in the comments Where you guys want me to go next, a bunch of you said toys R us? Let’s get weird Guys, I found the first item this is a fugazi iPhone, eight bucks. [Mumbles] [Mumbles]. Apple made this, I have to get it Ow, alright Apparently you can make your own watch now $5? $5 holla’. Dude there’s so many parents in toys R us that are like Looking to see what I’m doing like I’m just here shopping and speaking of fam, what is this? This is a 3D drawing pen. Toys R Us I don’t even know how much this is your boys only 100 bucks And apparently we have a little kid. I want to get this, I hope it’s not expensive. This is closer by the Chainsmokers, it’s the kidz bop edition From your friendship back and holder With our turtle [laughs] This place has been so amazing. The only reason they haven’t kicked your boy out is because I look like a little kid. I fit in here This is so sweet, like laser tag headgear. You don’t even need the guns, you just you run around with your forehead Yes! A hover target game. Somehow air makes it hover and you can shoot 30 bucks. I want a 30 find out Honestly, I know this isn’t tech For seven bucks though, a Star Wars shaving kit. I don’t even have facial hair, and I want to try this. I’ve never seen this before It’s a bug that behaves like a real bug Okay, I will let you know Where’s our cart? Did someone Someone stole our cart. If we had more money, I would get this, a BattleBot like I need more money, this is Like I need to come back. Let me know in the comments how much money I should bring back here next time This is so sweet! A circle drum [mumbles], it’s a circle ball. It’s a ball that’s a drone This is insane and it’s on sale! Versus like this little guy here for like 20 bucks like I want a bald around fam I’m in the WWE aisle right now. I’m looking for conor McGregor toys. I hit a snowboarder Yes you did. Probably he was all myth. Floyd Mayweather, where are you at fam? Welcome back to pimp my ride. It’s your boy K-dizzle in the hizzle here, got myself a brand new GT3. Skrt skrt in my, you know what it’s about Lets… Let’s hop on in! Skrt skrt Apparently you’ve never been to a club. That’s Keaton at the club everyone, popping as always Whoa This is the thing that I’ve been waiting for. This is a wearable Simon Says This is crazy. There’s a toys r us employee looking at me right now I’m just acting like I’m here buying gifts for my little brother I don’t have a little brother, but this thing is insane. Little tommy would love this I know he would. Wearable Simon Says Yes! Guys, I just scanned everything, I think we’re right in the pocket. Just under $100. Let’s check out I got all this stuff, let’s go check it out! Whoo! Where’s my car? Alright guys so I’m back from babies R us, here’s some of the stuff that I got No joke they got a lot of big-boy stuff there, a lot of really cool stuff I’ve never had a bag this big in items this big We got so many things! The first thing that I want to check out is this wearable Simon says game, who does not want to check this thing out? Alright I thought, I thought that was going to go a lot smoother. I just ripped it off this looks insane Whoa! Yo! This is the future. This is Simon says on your forehead! Yo No. So in case you guys don’t know how Simon says works this headset Basically is going to show different lights and different colors and I got to replicate it Okay, my hands So there’s light sensors. No, no, no! I did not get two hands there you see how hard it is All right, we got it. Got three Okay No, are you kidding me? What? The next thing that I want to check out is this 3D drawing pen. Once you get the 3D pen all set up, this is what you get. You get a blue cartridge here and then You get this red one this is so much simpler than I thought and pretty much you just draw so got the instructions here Which your boy did not read 100% I read the directions like eight times Since it’s 3D, we’re going to try to draw the Eiffel tower. That is so sick Oh my that was working way better than I thought, we’re struggling though We are having some difficult- no! The light is what makes it Harden, if you don’t have the light on you’re going nowhere. That looks like the Eiffel Tower Let me know if you guys have ever been to Las Vegas and I can just pick it up right here Yo, we made this from toys R us! The next thing is this iPhone for kids I got my iPhone 7 plus here You tell me right now age two and plus Anyone over the age of two is getting the iphone game in. You got the slide to unlock You got and there’s a case built in they thought of everything Hello Simon did I hurt you there? This kid’s iphone is actually like a regular iphone look at the top bar there The apps It’s even got 4G like Alright Let’s say hi to my mom. Hey mom what’s up? Hi honey, how are you? I’m good. I’m filming right now. Can I call you later? Oh! On this phone ay’. Alright I love you, I’ll talk to you later okay? Alright bye-bye. Bye. Put it back in the iphone, where’s the camera? No headphone jack, okay? Let me know in the comments if you guys want me to do a drop test with this thing It’s Amazing. She called me for once, I didn’t have to call her. Next up Is the coolest thing that I found at the store, even the guy at the store said it It’s a circle drone called the Juice. Who doesn’t want the juice? Even on the back patented Tx juice sensor system I want this thing to find me some orange juice. Once it’s taken you 15 minutes to install four batteries in the controller You’re good to go, this is the circle drone. This is craziness Okay, it’s on, let’s see how this goes. Oh my God! Fly [screams!] That is the coolest thing ever. I just don’t want it to crash, and I know I’m gonna crash That is so cool [Laughs]. This is so co- Ow! No, whoa, whoa look at this thing this thing is actually Come here. No, no, no! Yo, yo, yo Harry Potter Come to me Last thing and this thing does have tech in it. It’s a nerf gun that you can shoot Levitating balls from? So once you have all the batteries assembled you just need to flip the switch And it starts turning on no joke I had to look on Amazon and get these batteries shipped. Don’t ask questions your boy has some problems There’s air coming out here So, you gotta just get these styrofoam balls all set up. I have been having some troubles, okay, alright You got this, you got this fam That worked perfectly! So you get this Nerf gun Cocks back What how? I didn’t shoot anything. Alright we’re just gonna say I already shot that one [sound effect] I got my Nerf gun here. This thing is not an actual Nerf gun. It’s even better It’s almost as good as a real gun check this out [Sound effect] That’s crazy. Okay I’m gonna stand back. If I get one that’d be amazing I didn’t say that sign Simon That was sad, I’m coming forward How? That was so close Yo, that’s just not funny, I’m not even laughing. Oh yeah you’re boy got one! Alright pop a cap in em’ bang! Bang! Bang! That was sweet I want to give a massive shout out to the techsmartt army Nathan And Amy. Thank you guys so much having my notifications on. If you guys Want a notification shout out turn them on and let me know in the comments. Subscribe if you’re new so you don’t Miss another one of these awesome videos and tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find any other weird stuff. That’s pretty much it Bye! This truck in front of me is carrying nothing But Tesla’s, so you could say the guy driving is the auto pilot [laughs]

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