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Chest strap heart rate monitors vs. Wristband
monitors? Which is the best option for you? Stay tuned to find out. Welcome back to the Shape It Up channel. My name is Nicole. I’m a personal trainer at Shape It Up Fitness. So which is better for monitoring your heart
rate? A chest strap or a wristband? This questions was sent into me by Melissa. So here are some pros and cons of each. Chest strap. The pros of a chest strap are that it’s
much more accurate. It is placed by your heart so it’s going
to get a better reading and they are typically more accurate than the wristbands. The cons of the chest strap are that they
are uncomfortable, especially for women. The chest strap usually goes right underneath
your chest and it also is where your sports bra lays so not only do you have a chest strap
that is sitting and constricting you there but then you’ve got your sports bra on top
of it which is kind of confining. Me, personally, I feel it very constricting
and I have a hard time breathing. The other con of chest straps, chances are
you are not going to wear it all day, you are only going to wear it during the time
you are exercising. I have tried to wear a chest strap all day,
it is very uncomfortable.Wristband. Depending on which version you get, they can
tell you a lot more information and keep you more accountable. A lot of the wristbands out there will tell
you your steps, your calorie burn and you can sync it up to your nutrition logs. The cons of a wrist bands, as far as your
heart rate monitoring, is that they are not accurate. It is on your wrist, it’s not really near
your heart so even though some say to pull it up higher, they are not really that accurate.So
which one is right for you? It really depends on what you are planning
on using that information for. I would say if you have cardiac issues, a
chest strap would be a better option for you. If you are just looking to kind of stay in
your target heart range zones, then a wristband might just be fine. You are also going to get a lot more options
with your wristband as well. There are other ways to monitor your heart
rate and I will be making a future video on that. I want to know which one you would choose. Place in the comments section below on whether
you choose chest strap or wristband. If you would like to get more fitness and
nutrition information that you can actually use, head on over to
and sign up for my VIP email list. Remember to Get Fit, Be Fierce and Have No
Limits and I’ll see you in the next Shape It Up video.

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  1. I can't get over the uncomfortable feeling of chest straps. I stopped using it within a month and switched to Wristband.

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