Oh Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. So today we’re getting ready for the ultimate flying challenge But first I want to thank you Squarespace for sponsoring This video and I’ll give you guys a bit more info at the end of the video. Ok planks I love planks because it’s simple and it’s one of the most Effective core exercises to work the apps it trains the deepest core muscle that helps tighten this whole midsection For a smaller waist and it also helped work the arm shoulders chest back booty links So basically it gives you an amazing Full body burn while you work on your waist and your abs and bubble will be here together with us as well Just chillin and watching nice work pal. I made the burn is really good and together we can get it done There will be 10 exercises of different variations for planks It’s going to be fun and I’m actually going to put in a 1 minute rest after the first 5 Exercises so we can get a little break then I promise you you won’t regret it because it works. So no problem. We got this All right, let’s get into it first exercise is the classic elbow plank to kickstart to burn for our body especially the belly area Elbows on the ground shoulder-width apart make a triangle base with your forearms with your legs spine and neck in one straight line Keep your butt down instead of having it hide up in the air and not using your at muscles The key here is to hold your core tight and push your belly button in towards your spine Just hold it until 45 seconds is up here set your intention for this workout remind yourself of your goal What brings you here today? And what you want to achieve through this workout and promise yourself? You’re really going to push it and challenge yourself to give it your all hold it there. We’re not dropping down Good job, we thought it done second is Lowell mountain-climber? Start and Hubble plank position hence the low your shoulder punching your apps Bring one knee to watch your elbow on the same side. This is one rep Alton aside for 45 seconds Remember, we’re doing it slow and controlled here I want you to really feel the burn in your inner and lower abs for each rep. Keep going I’m here together with you every single rep Ten-second Yeah, it’s getting tough I know but we want to result so no pain no gain third is plank to dolphin pose Starting an elbow plank position then press your forearms and elbows into the floor pushing your shoulders away Crunch your abs and raise your hip to form an upside-down V This is dolphin pose then lower down your hip and return to elbow plank again with your body in one straight line Repeat for 45 seconds You should feel a burn in your abs your arms shoulders and back the burn is getting more intense, but don’t give up We’re not stopping here breathe in breathe out. Keep going until the timer ends And not the one done for a single leg plank my favorite exercise of all times here We’re working on our midsection our upper body and also the lower body especially the booty An elbow plank Raise one leg off the floor as you squeeze your booty and hold it up for twenty two seconds before we switch side Try your best to not drop it onto the floor – one oh It’s so hard, but we’re almost there I’m suffering here together with you stay strong guys you’d be surprised what your body can do Yes, hold it Good work friends is playing hip dip last exercise before a one-minute break. So let’s push it Again get into elbow plank position holding in your belly and working the ABS – rotate your hip to one side and dip your body To lightly tap the floor Rotate between sides for 45 seconds pull in your belly button Toward your spine the whole time to get the max burn on your deepest inner core muscles and side ups This is how we work on getting a smaller waist Don’t drop guys keep moving you can do it. I know you can Good job you guys that was an intense burn now? Let’s enjoy our well deserved one-minute rest before pushing for the last part of the workout Drink some water shake out your arms. Is it amazing for the first half of this workout? We can definitely finish it strong Alright guys, it’s almost time Let me show you a sixth exercise side plank Another amazing exercise for the inner core muscles and the side abs the obliques that would really help shape our ways Get into position with one for M on the floor Fingers facing front elbow right under your shoulder and your feet stack the other hand on your waist Lift your butt up so that your body is in one straight line Working the side of your abs to hold your body up This will help take the weight off your arm and really target the side up for the ultimate burn switch side after 22 seconds Hold it up till the end. You can also watch my puppy party to distract yourself Six down only four more to go seven exercise is spider-man plank Again elbow plank concession to start with punching your app to bring one knee in towards your elbow at the same side This is one rep alternate between sides for 45 seconds I Always say this is the killer abs exercise because it works not just the deepest core muscle But also the upper and lower abs on the surface. So it’s a very comprehensive burn to really slim and tighten your belly area Stay strong guys, I’m not dropping. Give me a few more reps. We’re almost done That’s a tough one but we did it only three more exercises to go show yourself what you can do eight a single arm plank Really simple get into regular high plank lift one arm up to have it on your thigh or whatever you like Just hold it there for twenty two seconds before we switch side. Try your best to hold up your body Keep it in one straight line. I know you want to come down. I also want to but I’m not coming down No matter how hard it is I’m staying here. So the timer is up because I know no pain no gain I promise this is going to be worth it. So hold it up together with me That was such a good burn on the ABS shoulders and arms, let’s keep it going for the last two minutes nine We’re starting with commando and switching to plank up and down after twenty two seconds So I started elbow plank then push yourself up to high plank first with right arm and then left arm Return back to elbow plank by coming down also with one arm followed by the other This is a super burn on the upper body, but that’s what we’re here for Repeat for 22 seconds and we’ll go straight into plank up and down From elbow plank punch you’re asked to move your hips up and down it looks funny But this targets exactly the F that we want. So keep it up the more you move up and down the more it burns You’re doing so good only one last exercise to go get up Let’s push it through turns is playing jacks for the final burn We’re starting with high plank checks for the first twenty two seconds and then and with elbow plank jacks Beginning high plank working your abs jump your legs wide and stand back together The faster you jump the more intense it is but don’t forget to keep your core tight to steady your upper body Repeat for 22 seconds. Then we’ll lower our arms to elbow plank jacks while our legs repeat the same movement by jumping in and out Jump faster guys only less than 30 seconds to go pick it up. Remember your goals give yourself that last burn that you work so hard for Oh My god, oh my god And once again, we’ve got it done scream and complain as much as you need give yourself a high five Bob all who also give you a high five here Thank you for putting in the Hat work together with me and making this workout count Also remember to stretch up a bit here are some simple ones or you can always head to my complete stretch video Before we say our goodbyes. Here’s a little bit more information about Squarespace Basically, they provide a powerful and beautiful online platform where you get to create your website with award-winning templates There’s nothing to install patch or upgrade. It’s all in one and it offers a unique domain experience That’s fully transparent and simple to set up You can now go to slash anyone to get a free trial and 10% off your first purchase I’ll also include the link in the description box below and that’s it for today I’ll let you guys go stretch go rest and I’ll see you guys again very soon It’s a night


  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. 1st day: dying and can barely do it but i’m aiming to lose 30 lbs! wish me luck! ima do this again because i gave up at the break… if i give up i have to make myself do it again!

    2nd Day: I did it again… oofff

    3rd Day I slacked off cause some dude kicked my leg and it became a giant bruise. Mood.

  3. Hey guys !! I’ve seen everyone do it so I also want to give it a try .. I’ll be doing this exercise for 2 weeks .
    Beginning weight : 57 kg
    Day 1 : ✔️ it was so hard, my abs don’t hurt that much but my arms are actually killing me
    Day 2 : ✔️ I was feeling very lazy but I still did this exercise. My arms probably hate me and I ate a very heavy dinner two hours before this exercise
    Day 3 : i completed this workout . The last workout actually killed me . still no changes (obviously)
    Day 4 : i feel like my waist became smaller and my abs are starting to show . i ate quite a lot today.
    Day 5 : why does this workout not get easier . i can see my obliques forming
    I’m so sorry i can’t update anymore becoz my I fractured my hand

  4. Can you answer me when did i do this workout, i’m a highschool girl?
    Do in the morning before eating or in the evening before sleeping or when?
    Hope you can give me my answer
    Love u ♥️♥️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️😒

  5. Do All When I Mean All I Mean It

    Do All The Abs Workout In One Day If You Have Time ( Your Going To Hate Me)

    But It Worked The Reason I Did All Of Them In A Day Is Because I Have Nothing To Do And I Didn't Wanna Be a Lazy Potato.

  6. Heyy Emi..
    Used to workout to your videos at least 4 times per week. Then i got pregnant and stopped exercising cause i was too sick. I gave birth 4 months ago. And i was just too tired (lazy as well) to workout. I miss my old self. I feel huge n like i have to drag my body around. I just did 2 of ur workouts n it fell like hell. Im not giving up though. I will try to squeeze them into my routine.
    Need a lot of motivation n willingness to do it, but i have to. Can't keep going on like that anymore. I do pray im able to.
    You are the only one youtuber whose workout i like doing

  7. I need to actually do this so im gonna post it here so now i have no choice.
    Im starting at 148lbs ~(67kilos) & 5'1 ~(154cm)
    (btw im mixing this w her 20 days legs workout)
    day 1: ✅ okay so i finished it… my arms were shaking like an earthquake the whole time
    ,but i finished it. It feels really good afterwards.
    day2: ✅ okay so i did it but like i almost died cuz i was so sore from yesterday (streching beforehand really helps) it was a bit easier today and while i dont see any apparent changes my sides feel harder…
    day3: ✅ i got sick and had school today so i was feeling unmotivated and took a lot of breaks but i still finished it hopefully im not as sore tomorrow
    day 4 5 and 6: ❎ so i had band practice and homework so i know its a sorry excuse but i really couldnt make it these three days.(sorry)Im going it to do it twice for the next two days to make up for it

  8. Man this is hard…. Tomorrow will complete this, today was done before the last exercise… Hopefully tomorrow I can complete this…

  9. Day 1✔
    Day 2✔
    Day 3 ✔
    Day 4✔
    Day 5 ✖ skipping and trekking
    Day 6 ✖skipping and trekking
    Current weight 60.7 kg
    Day 7 ✔
    Day 8 ✔
    Day 9 ✔
    Day 10 ✔
    Day 11✖ did skipping and running
    Current weight 59.8

  10. EMI wong can you answer me I do this exercise two days before I have belly surgery can I do this plz answer love from Pakistan

  11. Gonna go for two weeks and share my results 4 ya’ll (;
    Day 1: ✅ it hurt soo bad in my arms! I’m gonna keep doing it to reach my goal though.
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Week 1 results 🤠:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Final results:

    Also, I was doing another an workout and thigh workout so my results may be a bit different than yours! These are my overall results though.

  12. Hii ok I will try my best to be consistent!! i will do this 1 or 2 times a day and also one abs ripper (intermediateadvanced) a day on keep!
    _will be updating! ! ! until lines and flat abs greet me🌸
    ( sorry actually i have been doing this for 4 days so yea

    day 1: ☑️(emi) ☑️(keep)
    day 2: ☑️☑️(emi) ☑️(keep)
    day 3: ☑️☑️(emi) ☑️(keep)
    day 4: ☑️(emi) ☑️(keep)
    day 5: ☑️☑️(emi) ☑️(keep)
    day 6: ☑️☑️(emi) ☑️(keep)
    day 7: ☑️☑️(emi) ☑️(keep)
    review of 1st week: ok i finished the 1st week and did a total 12 times of it! although my tummy doesnt get a lot flatter but its toned a bit i can say. the shape of abs is greeting me so i will continue until its flat! workout in keep actually helps in toning and 11 lines lets goo🐺

  13. That walking plank i just cant do it so i decided not to make it and take a rest d hul min. Then do the last plank. Thanks for this video a big help for me. Mom of 3

  14. I'll try do this workout for a week and I'll update every day I'll start here with bo diet just me and I'll tell the next Friday the results for a week just pray for me guys 💓

  15. Ok… So i Finished my Day 7 and This actually works so well.. My waist got smaller and my belly is flatter now thanks emi it's all because of you … And i will do it for Anthor week because i just get used to it.. And it started to be only need to push YOURSELF and promise you will get a results.. 💞👍🏼
    Note:Sorry for my bad english

  16. if you already feel the difficulty of the workout will definitely be more selective in choosing what goes into the stomach, fighting

  17. Gonna try this for a month…n update…
    Day 1: omg…its too tougher than i thought..i motivated myself throughout the session n i was able to complete just 8 exercises..i guess its a good start..

  18. Oh my goshhhh emmiii I can't begin to explain how thankful I am to you, now I feel so much healthier than I ever felt before,and feel so confident and happy in my own skin.thanks to you,I am able to experience happiness.thx again,emi~

  19. I’ve tried other ab and waist exercise and yours is the best so far! The three clicks at the end truly keeps me going. Timing also works perfectly for each move. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hi are there any army's here because they see bts' body then look at your own and you're like damn I gotta work out then research how to get abs like jungkook?

    Just me?

  21. I've been doing this workout for about a month, and I've definitely noticed a difference. I haven't noticed as much difference as I've wanted, so I'm going to keep going for another month. My husband says he notices a big difference! And I do feel a lot stronger! The first week was really hard, but it got better over time. For the last 2 weeks I've been doing it twice in a row and I skip the 1 minute break. Today I skipped almost all of the 15 second breaks.
    My conclusion: definitely works. I feel a lot stronger, but wish I looked a lot thinner. If you are thinking of doing it, totally do it! Give it your best and know that it will get easier! 🙂

  22. I have now been doing this and the 11 line ab workout for 3 weeks, and the result so far is amazing! My abs are visible and has lost 1 inch to my waist!!! Especially love that Emi always says encouraging words during the videos, they really helped a lot!!!❤️❤️

  23. First day, I resigned after 8th.
    Sorry. My arms are literally shaking. I know im weak but ill improve.

    Day idk- Okay so I did all of them today except the last one. It was just sooooo difficult. God.

  24. this is probably the best video ive seen, because you dont cut out parts, you do the exercises with us and rest with us and you even show us what the next workout looks like so we dont get lost. i also love how you motivate us through the whole thing, if it wasnt for that i probably wouldnt have pushed through it. thank you so much

  25. I am dying right her this my sec time doing this workout but maybe I did 4 workouts just for 30 sec not 45
    DAY3: This is my 3rd day to do it and also Iam daying but this time I did it all of it for 45 sec not 30 and I am so a proud of my self guys you can do half of it and take a break then after the break Finnish it you don't have to do it all of it in 15min you can take a break
    Day4 rest day 5 👌day6👌day7👌day8👌day9👌day10👌

  26. It's my day 7 and I can see the results ….. I have lost 1inch from my waist …. It's really effective ig and I'll continue to do this until my goal 💪 Keep going guys . It's worth it 💟

  27. hi, i did this for about a 9 days period but with 1 rest day and i can honestly tell the difference! overall, my belly area has hardened parents noticed changes and i think it worked. i skipped plank jacks sometimes because my feet palm(?) is pretty dry and therefore sometimes leads to bruises whenever i jump barefoot on the ground
    i lost about 1.5kg this week thanks to this exercise! love you emi
    (i'll still continue and update soon~)

  28. I’ve been literally doing this during 5 days together with cardio and I swear my belly is smalle. I’ll come in one week to notifícate you how’s it going

  29. Day 1: ✔ took a bit more rest because it's very heavy but feels good – I only can't do single arm plank because of my muscles, then my arm does much pain so my doctor said I may not do it, is there a exercise to switch it with

  30. Omg I started doing this workout yesterday and today on the day 2, I can't seem to stop sweating !! Honestly feels like I hit the gym for an hour ! Thank you Emi !!!
    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅✅✅✅

  31. I did this workout every day for a week and on day 7 my back really hurt. I did some research and it turns out that my core is so weak that my hip flexors kick in to help me complete the exercises, which lead to the back pain. To alleviate my back pain, I focused on exercises that engage my core and doesn't allow my hip flexors to kick in, such as crunches. These plank exercises are great and do work your abs but make sure your core is strong enough to handle them. Some exercises to strengthen your core are bridge, reverse plank, and crunches. Hope this helps 🙂

  32. Ok I'm on the beginning of the third week of workouts, even if I don't do this plank video, I do others (today I did this combined with other 3 workouts and a stretch video), now I'm sweating like hell, my elbows and knees are purple and red, my room is a mess, but it's working, I just stopped last weekend because I was too busy and tired, but I'm here again. If you need some motivation, trust me, the pain will turn into strenght and you will achieve your goals, I can do it, she can do it, and of course, YOU can do it too. No pain no gain guys, believe on me, the pain will make you reach your goals and improve your health, do it for youself, I believe on you!
    Tip: to reduce the aftermath pain, strech your body before and after the workouts, it helps soooooooooooooo much, and of course, drink a lot of water

  33. I'm screaming in the middle of the exercise and my whole family rush onto my room

    Lesson:lock your door when you do exercise.

  34. None of your workouts are going to succeed if you don’t eat right. You are still young, girl, just wait til you reach your 50’s and you will find weight piling on no matter what ‘workouts; you do, good luck!

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