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  1. Do give this video a big fat thumbs up 👍and if you have any queries related to pre-workout meals then post them here. Share it with friends and family members to live a healthy fit life and better their performance in the gym.

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  2. As usual your video was very informative and your speech delivering skills and attitude in your was awesome bro. You are doing a great job. Keep doing this informative work , I'll try my best to support you as much as i can. All the best for your future and upcoming video. Lots of love from me. Brother from another mother

  3. apple wedges with peanut butter was something new for me, tried it, it was too much delicious and tasty, thanks for the video brother.

  4. bhai can i eat whole eggs half an hour before my workout aur workout ke beech mei kya mai energy drinks pe sakta hun, plzzz bhaiya dono questions ka reply zarur karna

  5. Hi..can u please tell me what to eat early in morning.. actually just 15 days back I hv joined gym..but today I felt dizzy after workout..so please tell me what to eat before heading to gym? I am pure vegetarian .. joined gym for weight loss…

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