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– It’s like a free physical in your hands! What’s the smartest scale of 2018? I have your answer, a
deal, and a giveaway! (cashier register rings) (light melodic music) Why would you want a Smart Scale? Hey, I’m the deal guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to my home, this is actually something I now have in my home. If you’ve never seen me before, I unbox the biggest
deals that I could find, and a lot of them are the
items that you’ve requested, and I started to get, as you can imagine, a lot of requests for
Smart Scales, right around when we give up on those
New Year’s Resolutions. Did you give up on yours? I
don’t even think I started mine! But for those of us that want to chart our success, or our regression, or if you want to give yourself access to information you would otherwise only get at a physical
or a weight-loss center, or just know what’s
going on with your body, this is one of my favorite
ways to get it done. A free app that syncs in seconds with a scale that can give you your body mass index, your body fat, and countless other crucial
pieces of information. Let me show you how this works, just how easy this was to set up, and why you might want
one of these in your home. ♪ Hey! ♪ (upbeat pop music) ♪ Hey! ♪ Really sleek finish, and I like the fact that they include the batteries. You have four triple A’s that
just go right in over here. App, super easy to set up, click some basic information about you. ♪ Hey! Hey! ♪ The scale pairs with your
smartphone in seconds. It’s more difficult to set
up bluetooth headphones. This, ready to rock! I’ve honestly set up headphones, speakers, and many other pieces of bluetooth tech that took triple the amount of
time it took to set this up. Paired right out the box,
the app works with both Apple and Android smartphones,
you can use this on a tablet, and chart your progress over time. You don’t even need to search for an app, you can just scan the QR code on the back and your Apple or Android smartphone, or other device, will pair in seconds. You quickly set up a profile and then from the first second you weigh yourself, you have an immediate understanding of what’s going on inside your body. I love how sleek the design is, really nice, looks kind of like Apple would make something
like this, dare I say that, and because it is
lightweight and portable, I actually had a chance to take this to a professional weight-loss center. It was interesting to see that this got unanimous doctor approval in terms of its measurements, its accuracy, and after many different people put the scale through the ringer, it actually finished as one of the better ones that
not only I had tested, but the doctors had ever seen. It’s crucial information
at your fingertips, and it saves you the time of having to go back and forth
between a doctor’s office, or a weight-loss clinic, or even a gym, where a lot of the consultations there will charge you all of this money to measure your body weight index and information that you now have at under 65 bucks at its
lowest recorded price, with free delivery and
your choice of colors, if you do think this is
something you can benefit from, I would take advantage of this deal while it’s at its lowest price. The scale prices actually
go up later in the year, especially around bathing suit season. Every time you weigh
yourself, you’re getting your own little check-up,
your own little physical, and all of the information you have on your smartphone can have a big impact in your understanding
of your overall health, from your body mass
index, to your body fat, muscle, water retention,
protein, visceral fat, this is information where you would, in many cases, have to stand on a scale or have your data analyzed
in a much more expensive way, you have this info now
right at your fingertips. More importantly, you can monitor your information over time,
you can set your own goals, you can see yourself day by day, week by week, month by
month, year by year, and that allows you to
work towards something where you are, in a sense, getting your own personal trainer
built in your smartphone on top of all of the other
features that are included. Having this information cannot only help you accomplish your own goals, the smart system tells you
what is, in fact, realistic. Now, I do not wanna lose any weight, but I just want you to
see what would happen. So right now I’m putting that
I want to go down to 141 lbs, it’s saying it’s easy for
me to reach that goal, watch what happens if
I try to set something a little bit more unrealistic. 139, still says , “Good weight loss plan,” but once I get down to 136, it’s telling me it is a bit difficult, but I can accomplish that, and again, signifying that this goal is not necessarily something that I
want to do with my body type. If you want to score this deal, I’m not sure how long it’ll be around, expand the video description box, there is a link there, and my favorite part of the whole video, other than being together
and saving money, and I appreciate you guys watching, I’m going to give this away for free to a very lucky subscriber, using Two Buddies’ random selection tool, to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months,
congratulations goes to, J-Lo! Jessica Lopez! Go you,
you just got a free scale, I appreciate you watching! J-Lo in the house, yeah! I don’t know if you didn’t want
me to do that to your name, but you have a beautiful
name, and I’ve been obsessed with Jennifer Lopez for
most of my life, so, too much information, okay! Now if you missed
today’s deal, or freebie, and you wanna make sure you
never miss any of these again, very easy process, just
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  1. I LOVE my scale! You mentioned it during CES bought it and I show up to my nutritionist with all the data on my iPhone for my weekly meetings. So helpful

  2. Matt, can you please do a review on small vacuum cleaners? I love your reviews and have made several purchases based on your recommendations.

  3. The reviews for the scale are overall pretty good. The issue comes about with the app.. Read review of the app before buying. Sorry Matt, but I think you dropped the ball on this one.

  4. i really appreciate your energy and enthusiasm, I always check out your channel for good buys and new stuff I didn't know about

  5. This is a cool one, I'm a fan of the deals that can help people live healthier, more informed lives! Good work Matt and God bless!

  6. I am looking for devices that you can use with a tablet. Almost all devices link with a phone which I don't use!!! I am not

  7. I ordered a scale right after this video it has been very good only downside I've seen so far is that I had to request for a better chart or scale to determine my results good or bad and an Improvement that they can do is have a option where anyone can go in the scale without recording it or putting it on a profile but I love my purchase thank you.

  8. I'm sad I'm only discovering this now. I would have LOVED to get that scale :-p This guy's exuberance is awesome! Love it.

  9. I have one , it is so inaccurate . 5-4 lbs up and down at same moment . Takes 4 batteries and ran out very fast . Thumbs down

  10. Do you enter your age, height, and activity level in the scale? If I was 65 6ft and weighed 190 pounds it should be a different reading than if I WAS 30 6'5' AND weighed 190 Great video BTW

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