Best Supplement For Weight Gain | Nutrition Expert| Shivam Bidla

Hello guy my name is shivam bidla today I am going to tell u about Gaining supplement let me show u if u want international supplement like labrada, serious mass on, etc who want instant gaining they can choose indian gainer just like muscle blaze is most popular now doublexxxl it is good gainer if someone want to use they can gain 4kg in aa month there is another one mass pro which have creatine if someone use it can gain 4-6 kg it depend on person how much they want calories this double xx supplement best for you mass gainer pro not available yet in this gainer there is labrada brand this is very good gainer having creatine creatine help us to generate power & strength so we can do extra rep during workout if you use this you can gain upto 5kg this is very famous brand in market most demanding in U.S there is another brand I want to show you muscle farm (MP) double compact gainer this is good gainer that include creatine it help you gain upto 4-5 kg protein main work is muscle recovery more muscle i want to show you a pro star ultimate nutrition brand it contain 83 % protein & 80 serving in this pack it have concenrate & isolate blend most demanding brand now there is a nitro tech brand it have 73 % isloate it also have creatine scoop size 44 gm which have 30gm protein total 41 serving you can use that also for a lean gaing this one is best if you like this video must subscribe & share

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