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  1. What do you guys eat in a day? This workout is fine but I feel like eating is the hard part. Please tell me what you eat and why you eat it. Thanks😁

  2. Dude i did 2 rounds and my stomach feels like the 9nth circle of hell! How do you expect me to do 4 of these every day?! 😂 thanks for the workout though it's saving me a lot of time.

  3. High intensity interval training, burns more fat while keeping muscle. Compared to cardio where you burn fat and weight. Killing your gains especially if you’re trying to bulk up.

  4. Is it also helpful to do .. say 3 or 4 of these exercises 3 rounds till I build up the stamina to complete 7?

  5. Also I’m a skinny kid(16 yo) and I have a pouch. I’m willing to work it all off, while getting toned. but what’s the best plan? I’m thinking I alternate 3 or 4 of these one day, while strength training, likr pulls ups etc on the other days. What diet should I do?

  6. Hey!
    Are you please able to help me? Please? Okay so I wanna loose A Lot of weight and wanna look good. I am 17 and weigh 210 pounds and idk what to do. I have stretch marks and don't know what to do. Please help me.. please < 3

  7. I'm 5'7 and weigh about 240. I'm really trying to go down to about 150 – 160. With these exercises, and a good diet, I'm sure I'll get to my goal soon 💪

  8. Just did one set in 10 minutes (well I cheated), almost killed me! Will focus on perfecting one set and move on to two sets per day coming

  9. This video is where i started my weigh loss journey. I started with the video every day for two weeks. After that i enrolled in a local gym. Eight months have passed since that time. I have lost 85 lbs and gunning for a total of 130. I know i have a long way to go. But for those individuals looking at videos like this for the first time all i can say is why wait for tomorrow. Start now and go hard. Thanks for the video!

  10. Welp, im a 15 yr old guy, and im 79-80kg, my height is 174 cm, would this work for me? If not, do you guys have any suggestions on what exercices do i need to use?

  11. Chris how many times in a week should I do this fat burning hiit workout?
    Please Help…Thanks in Advance
    Lots of Love from India…😁

  12. Hi i had a question is there an alternative to the hanging knee raises and L sit kicks? I'm heavy and not strong enough to do those yet. However, I am determined to do this everyday until I can do both of those exercises properly

  13. Oh my you my husband jus like you he can do these stuff rely to me weeeelllllll I does do lighter training but I gonna reach there tho my husband motivates and trains me it's fun awesome thanks

    You have HELPED ME SO MUCH.

  15. I’m 11 and I struggled to the l sit kicks and the leg raises this work out is very hard I have lower belly fat and live handles problem I will attempt to do this everyday for 1 months I will come back with results good luck!

  16. Using my own comment as a diary 🙂
    From here (11/04) to 12/04 (a month)

    Day 1: I don't feel like i'm going to finish this xD i did the 4 sets tbh i don't think i'm doing it right.

    Day 2: Somebody kill me pls x'D i did the 4 sets, i didn't get tired as faster as yesterday and i think i started to do it properly. Still feel like i'm not going to finish this.

    Day 3: I'm really tired but i'm not giving up yet. I don't feel any difference but well, it have been just 3 days. Now I'm sure i'm going to finish this.

  17. I have been doing this for almost a week, but my chest is starting to hurt when I run or jump, is the reason it hurts because of the exercise? I will get checked out tho

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