Best Workout Headphones of 2018 –

Hey guys, Marc here from So this
is the first video in our best of recommendation series for this year and we’re going start
off with the best headphones for sports and working-out in 2018 so far.
So a good sports headphone is one that’s stable enough for running, portable enough to not
hinder your movements during your workout routine and sufficiently breathable so that
you don’t sweat more than you have to. Of course, they should sound good too. So here
are our top recommendation for the sports headphones we’ve tested based on their price
range. In the budget range we recommend the Mee Audio
X7 or the SoundPeats Q9A. The Mee Audios are not the best sounding headphones on this list
and the earbuds are a little bulky, but they’re angled fit well within the contours of your
ears which makes them a bit more comfortable than typical in-ear design. They have a decent
wireless range, the longest battery life out of all the Mee Audio headphones we’ve tested
so far and they’re stable and portable enough for working out. Unfortunately, their sound
quality is a bit piercing especially with already bright tracks which may be a deal
breaker for some. In this case consider the Soundpeats Q9A instead. They’re under 20$
US have a more bass heavy sound that’s not as sharp as the mee audios. They also have
a better ear hook design that’s reminiscent of the Beats PowerBeats but at a fraction
of the price. The ear hooks prevent the buds from falling while you run but the buds themselves
may slide out off your ears from time to time. They do not have the best build quality and
they have a shorter battery life and range than the Mee Audios but If you’re looking
for a cheap wireless headset to take to the gym then they’re probably be your best bet.
In the mid-range we recommend either the Beats X or the Jaybird Freedoms. The Beats X have
a surprisingly well-balanced sound, a great wireless range and a good battery life a with
quick charge feature that’s pretty convenient if you forget to charge them overnight. They’re
a lot more portable then most of the other around-the-neck headphones thanks to their
flexible neck band that you can fold and put in your pocket. The in-ear fit, the wing tips
and neck band design is stable for most workout routines. Running jumping and even shaking
your head from side to side rarely made the buds drop which makes them a good option for
sports. Unfortunately, they’re a bit more optimized for iOS so they won’t be as convenient
for Android users. In this case the Jaybird Freedoms are a better, significantly cheaper
alternative for sports . They do not sound quite as good as the beats but come with a
great app that lest you customize the sound profile to your liking. They’re a bit more
lightweight, portable, and come with multiple stability fins and tips to help you find the
right fit that will stay put as you exercise. Their biggest issue is with the cumbersome
charging clip , which is somewhat limiting. If you forget it at home, you won’t be able
to charge the jaybird and it’s a rather bulky accessory that if you leave it attached to
the inline remote will pull on the right ear bud and sometimes makes it slip out of your
ears Now for the best headphones for sports in
2018 so far we recommend the Jaybird Run. They perform about the same as some of the
older jaybird models like the Freedoms and X3 but they’re truly wireless. This comes
with some advantages like a more stable, less cumbersome design for sports and great portability.
They’re also decently sturdy, sweatproof have a combined battery life of 12 hours and a
good sound that’s customizable thanks to the MySound app from jaybird. They’re easily one
of the better options if you want to go truly wireless especially for working out. But unfortunately,
they also have a few issues. They have a lot of latency which is not ideal for more casual
uses like watching videos and a bulky charging case that’s that will stick out in your pockets
and somewhat reduces their portability. Overall though, they’re a great sports headphone and
they’re not as pricey as some of the other truly wireless design which is good.
Some of the headphones that didn’t make the list but still deserve a mention are the Bose
SoundSport Free, the Jaybird X3 and the Apple Airpods.
The Bose SoundSport Free are one of the best sounding wireless headphones we’ve tested.
They have a sturdy and stable design for sports and they’re truly wireless and also sweatproof
but, they have a lot of syncing issues especially when watching videos. Their case and the ear
buds are quite bulky and somewhat counter intuitive for a truly wireless design and
they’re quite pricey at around 250 $ or just below 200 if you can get them on sale which
may not be worth it for some. The Jaybird X3 have a decent and customizable
sound a better battery life than the Jaybird Freedoms and they’re fairly well design for
sports. But They’re not as portable as the Jaybird run and they’re a bit more expensive
than the Freedoms. Lastly the Apple Airpods are still one of
the better designed truly wireless headphones. They have a good build quality and a great
range and latency performance in compared to other truly wireless designs. However,
they lack a bit of bass and isolation due to their open fit and their one-size-fits-all
design is stable for some but not for everyone. And that’s pretty much it, for test results
of these headphones and many more see our website in the description below. If you like
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  1. if you have the money definitely get the B&O E8. I have them and they are great for working out as well

  2. Good list but the AirPods and Beats X are not water resistant which could lead to problems with sweat and water damage.

  3. You didn't show any headphones in this video, only earphones.
    Headphones cover your entire ear, earphones or ear buds fit inside the ear.

  4. Y'all are the best, doing Good work. Could you guys do a segment on wifi hotspots please? The world needs this info.

  5. I'm selling a pair of Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones for a great price on eBay! Check out the listing if you're looking for a great deal on an awesome pair of headphones!!!

  6. Hmm I gotta admit it was the bang & Olufsen E8 there were the versions there where closest to get me to open my wallet and purchase them
    I did like a lot that they were some of the smallest and didn't protrudes to much while having a solid design and nice interaction with Android and a god sound with decent values on the hole sound spectrum…

    But they also quite pricey. coming in at 380USD here at home Denmark (2300 DKK) and that is a joke that they need to cost that here at B&O's Danish home soil, so I gonna wait for better or cheaper alternatives, or perhaps a new version of those E8, after all from 3Q 2017 so would love to see a new version perhaps even smaller.
    have also taken a look into some of the Danish headphones companies, like William demant or GN store Nord and some of there brands, like Jabra, resound etc. but again way to pricey, so in the end, likely another US or China product, that ain't to costly, that's how Denmark role in a nutshell with a tax level so insanely high that close to every other country on the planet, can make or sell it even cheaper than at home-..-.

  7. Hi, I have an LED TV which has a lot of 'smearing' and 'color trailing' when a object is moved across a dark background. What is this called and how do I avoid this problem when purchashing my next TV?

  8. uhhh this is too broad, too general, even a NON-EXPERT in tech could tell most if not all differences pointed out in this video. I'm sure your demographics is not dumb folks, but this video sure makes it look like it. That script needs serious rewriting. The comparisons need to be more specific, for example what the hell is "long battery life"? The user should decide what is long for him based on his routine. Sure you could pitch in your two cents but at least inform the user how many freaking hours the battery will last..

    If you're aiming for an ignorant demographic though, right on bro, you've hit the nail. Be aware that this i'm not usually this flammy, but this video sure did light up a flame inside me. ok i'm done.

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    I have watched you video on Youtube. I love the video you make about the wireless earbuds.

    And we've got new earbuds for who would like to help test honestly. Do you have any interests?

    If you do have interests, please contact us via [email protected]
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    —-By Anthony

  10. I would of put the Sony xb80bs on here amazing sound and build quality aswell as comfort also cheaper then beats with a lot better sound and mine have lasted 4 months longer then my beats already which died after 3

  11. Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal website. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.

  12. I recommend you ((personally)) and everyone to buy Apple AirPod 2017 😊 : As the system of this company in it’s products ((scientifically)) worths the extra amount of money it adds ((unlike other companies)) and is characterized by having the best quality , safety and keeping abreast to all fields of life ((unlike other companies which concentrate on one side and neglect the other sides)) ((That is the scientific proof for me)) 😊😊😊

  13. Come on someone help me

    I have £ 22 to spend No More AND I wanna know what headphones have bass that I can actually F.E.E.L good

  14. This person didn't even show 1 headphone in this video,

    Can any1 suggest me the beat wireless headphones for gym and casual purpose, also the sound quality should be great.

  15. I bought this from Amazon battery last 12 hours, they look work great and cheap, worth your money

  16. Beatsx are not good for gym because you can’t sweat on them. Any sweat will mess them up after a few workouts. I know because I went thru 3 pair that messed up over sweating in the gym…

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