Bigger by the Day Episode 1 – Accepting the Challenge

what’s going on in my efforts will
introduce myself my name is Chris such as the Grind Rep so I want to welcome to the series will
be doing Rich Piana’s Bigger by the Day I started this program at 142 pounds my goals
for this program you know what I want to get out of this obviously number 1 I’m
gonna gain some fucking weight I wanna get bigger ok not that small hole
fucking life you know when big pile of bodybuilding tired of being small number
two you know I wanna work on a few things specifically with my physique
that won’t bring up I wanna go down I want to bring up my belt I want to bring
up my leg someone bring up my back I just don’t electioneer first the job
wanna go ahead I want to continue working on legs I want to build up my
legs I think I missed a lot by by only working half my body it would be
disingenuous for me to say I take this shit seriously and not do fuckin ledge
also my back only really been doing back to back heavily for six to seven months number three you know I want to
challenge myself going to the gym seven days a week is not a fuckin challenge me
I love that that’s easy what’s going to be a challenge for me is eating ten
Tuesday that’s like a hockey game with 10 meals a day for me it’s going to be a
challenge is gonna be the hardest fucking thing that I’ve ever had to do
that is why I wanna push myself on you see how I hope you guys enjoy the
content please join me for this fucking right you know what I mean let’s do this
shit together encourage you guys will you be there to
meet so I look to you guys how much you fucking bitch you know how much does she
might be the CEO that’s what he’s gonna fuck him I get back into it he could do
it I can do it so you can do this streets the ground shaking off the ground turkey
was on sale so I picked up a few mouse you know what I can’t emphasize enough
how important this is when you doing this ship on a budget to find these
sales of pie when they reduce these prices the ground turkey the same store
is usually $3.99 a pound so you know I got it today from $1.57 a pound

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