Biking Balance Fitness | Debra Stefan, Bike League Instructor

Have you heard about brain fitness? I’d love to tell you about it! I’m Debra Stefan, your LCI League Cycling Instructor with the League of American Bicyclists, here to offer Smart Cycling “need-to-know” tips and reasons to bike
and to bike more often. Reacting to the terrain and unpredictable forces of nature is the best way
to keep your mind alert and sharpen your reactive reflexes so that you can perform daily life skills in a safer, much more effective way. By now, you already know where I’m going with this. Yeah, you want more brain fitness and biking is the answer! You’ve heard about core control and core balance. Riding a bike develops and maintains both core control and balance. Biking balance is different than what we do in yoga, like standing stationary on one leg. Biking requires dynamic balance, the ability to navigate and correct yourself by leaning and weight shifting. What’s more, it’s functional balance the kind of balance we use in everyday living. Dynamic balance develops while biking and it saves you from disaster with a missed step in everyday living. Think about it! Dynamic balance and sharper corrective reflexes are essential for personal safety and daily life skills, daily living, and when you need to react. If you’re in a sport you need to react, and when you’re navigating through daily life on the planet. Let me also add that you can PLAY more easily The industry definition of fitness is the physical ability to perform life’s daily tasks with a reserve left over for play. What a concept! Keep your mind and your body sharp and especially your reflexes. So there you have it. Another reason for you to bike, and to bike more often. If you know someone who needs this encouragement, invite them to ride with you. And if you’re someone who wants to start biking in the Henderson area and aren’t sure how to start, talk to me. I’m Debra Stefan your League Cycling Instructor and Henderson trail watch guide. I’ll see you on the trail. Debra Stefan, Certified Fitness Trainer International Sports Sciences Association
League Cycling Instructor League of American Bicyclists

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