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that on the shirt does it’s a strong hand think long term buy and hold all
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well mine is not gonna be as long as the most recent shows have been today ok
defiance over compliance baby you know it you know it and linked you below is a
that tweet I’ve been saying to retweet it says retweeted so retweet it come on
that’s how you support the show it’s that a two-minute clip of me talking
about Bitcoin and the current events of the virus and all that stuff and we’ll
get to the virus at second half the show here here is a good quote from nlw
I gotta say not many better ways to make the point as Bitcoin going through it’s
having right as the world’s fiat currencies go through a doubling oh my
lord pound that like button man that was a
great saying I even put it in the title of this aw video and me for all the Fiat
people who like her running into the dollar that thing is doubling bitcoins
about to be cut in half I mean anyone can understand that that’s a really
simple way of if you care about scarcity and a lot of people don’t care about
scarcity so I mean there you go but the Fiat the dollar is becoming a lot more
common Bitcoin new Bitcoin gonna get cut in half Oh am I looking forward to what
we’re 53 days away I’ve got that link to below they’d be having site by man hike
that having I am getting pumped and yet just because everyone’s talking about
some virus just because the stock market crashed that didn’t didn’t stop the
having did it it’s still happening and I think I think some people are waking up
to it and more and more will be so I think some Fiat freaks are gonna have
some big smiles on my faces soon and yeah so the people who are
predicting the end of the world panic is for the impulsive you people
panic you sold your Bitcoin now look what happened it’s only been a week
since we had that $3,000 it was like in the three thousands for a few seconds
now it’s in the six thousand sigh welcome to Bitcoin I mean if you didn’t
if you didn’t understand if you didn’t know this is something like this can
happen so easily I don’t know but hey man I could go if
you can have a huge it could go down again it can go up again but going 2-0
people you are panicked you’re in a panic prison that I I cannot comprehend
that is impulsive no don’t let newbies weak handers don’t let those people
screaming going 2-0 or other weird things like that freak you out again we
do not know what companies are going to survive this but that will be around in
2021 so you know it’s a gamble in that stock
market we do know that Bitcoin will be around in 2021 we do know that Bitcoin
will be having in May we do know that Bitcoin will be having a 2024 or 2028
strong at 2024 okay and I want to say yesterday the great Tay International
was in the chat and I’d met this dude before he had a good kid a good quote
America and I was I’ve been thinking about this too Americans have been
conditioned to love panic through movies for years yes it is such a part of
popular culture all these zombie movies end the world type of stuff panic what
are we going to do everyone’s been dreaming of this not everyone but people
have been conditioning to think like oh it’s happening oh it’s how I want it to
happen I want it to be just like the movie and they love they love being in
the panic prison unfortunate it’s impulsive to panic you have to step if
you start to get a little panicky take a few steps back some deep breaths
so wim HOF deep breaths down that lifeline and look at the
long-term picture dudes look at the long-term picture you know this and this
this viruses is getting close to perhaps we have a solution to it and we’ll talk
about that in a second I talked about it on yesterday’s show that anti malaria
pill but we’ll get to that so Gemini sends me an email all right and well gee I just skipped something
but I’ll get away Gemini sends me this email and I’m a
little confused let me read it to you the world Sirius exchange wing collide
brothers what are you doing we go by Winklevoss brothers hey the
world of art and collectibles is evolving and leaping onto the blockchain
oh my lord the Nifty marketplace is now live I mean this sounds like what ken
Bozek was talking about on my show I mean Winkle my brother’s Ken Bo’s
acted a big difference there III mean Ken’s awesome but you’re going
you go and you know Ken talks about these odd things like this I mean to
each his own if you like having things on the Block collectibles in the
blockchain that’s your thing but Jim and I doing this we’re okay the negative but
make nifty marketplaces I mean maybe the look of I should grow some beard and
paint their hair pink and I don’t know smoke a doobie and the the Nifty
marketplace is now live we are proud to be making history with two
well-respected fine artists Andy world champion athlete read below to learn
more about the Nifty marketplace and the limited-edition collections now
available have questions about nifty share them with us on Twitter or
Instagram what is the Nifty marketplace in this
new marketplace is an all-in-one platform to buy sell and store your
hippies what is a nifty nifty czar is an email getting from a professional
exchange NIF these are a fundamentally new type of digital
a set on the blockchain maybe what is this 2017 put everything on the
blockchain we have partnered with artists and
brands to create rare digital art and crypto collectibles each one is unique
and they are all beautiful okay everyone is beautiful
that that’s great hey maybe you guys are creating and that’s cool
I’m just surprised this is coming from the land of the wincle vibe but hey I
thought I would share that with everyone I see we got questions hang on oh we got
a few Wow Wow wait I wasn’t paying attention watch out for those silver
simps says a Ben Franklin yeah man you really do have to watch out for the
silver simp set go everybody watched yesterday’s show if you want to know
what he’s talking about there men and one two three no skips and many of my
friends and I started jobs this year they are attracted by the low prices of
these stocks I try to explain Bitcoin will give way greater greater returns
and to never sell oh I like that advice I’d like that you vice never sell and to
buy Bitcoin and I’m glad your friends started jobs this year but many of them
will not have jobs if we continue this ludicrous policy of shutting everything
down and and you and your friends are just out of college and you should be
angry as anything that this that there’s a ludicrous policy out there that makes
everybody feel guilty that ninety five year olds might die and that 23 year old
should give up their job so ninety five year olds a won’t die or something even
though they’re going to die anyway and we’re gonna get to the AVA and even
though they could take this old people could take this anti-malarial now and
protect themselves all right so and but hopefully I I was again I said I have a
friend who lost her job and I knew she was gonna lose her jobs I know an
industry I knew her industry’s gonna get hit hard and so it’s it’s I mean what do
people want here we’ll get into that in a second
or everybody to lose their job or just some old people to take responsibility
and take a pill that’s probably gonna protect them and
johnstrom you lightest says I only have the Bitcoin virus baby yes that is
awesome that’s the great way of looking at it one two three noscope said be con
meister one of my mom’s good friends worked for gemini for over a year and
recently left he said gemini was a complete s show and they didn’t have
their stuff together well that’s that’s a little disturbing
there there are some insider information and that’s a I mean I’ve never met one
two three no scope but there there’s his story about Gemini Wow well it is it
does seem it does I’m surprised they’re going with these you know put it on art
on the blockchain type of thing okay maybe it’ll pick up I don’t know maybe
it would become popular like good good for them if it does now moving on I just
why did I open my Twitter here oh because I just want to remind you to
follow me on tech bot yeah that’s te CH BLT okay the other thing I forgot to say it’s funny what what the government’s
have been doing they’ll announce some scary case like a sixteen-year-old is
sick and then they’ll like announce amaura another power grab and this is
what a governor Hogan in Maryland does you can’t apparently apparently you
can’t have gatherings of over ten people in Maryland now well this will be
interesting when I get back to Maryland and I go to synagogue hopefully they
won’t have this in in place anymore because I will go to synagogue even if
they have such a rule pound that like button conviction was I am no uh I’m no
boot licker okay but yeah they say something scary and then oh we can only
let people that only limit meeting is the ten people gatherings attend people
and he said something like people seriously they’re having barbecues and
parks that’s illegal what a world week we enter here alright
but let’s let’s stick with Bitcoin for a second and we let me let me organize how
this is okay no other questions and I’m gonna read a Ronnie motes quote now I’m
not putting this dude on pedestal here I know a lot of people do he says and it’s
an interesting take stock market crash was and is justified the drop in Bitcoin
from ten thousand to four thousand was not may I get any wake up below 4,000
Bitcoin finally seems to be decoupling from stocks dude I’ve been saying after
the last few days it never was coupled with it in the bounce from four thousand
six thousand as market rolls over week Bitcoin hands were shaken out and smart
money bought the panic alright I agree with that last part now was the stock
market crash justified in comparison to Bitcoin let’s drop yeah it what because
see I mean if we’re shutting down the whole economy clearly some countries
some companies are gonna go down the tubes and thus aren’t gonna be worth as
much as they previously were and why the heck did Bitcoin go down at price well
what what fundamentally changed the Bitcoin so no it was not justified if
you think stocks if the stock price drop was was justified alright so a good
point I don’t care if you think things aren’t decoupled our things are
decoupled now and I don’t care about your price predictions but I thought I
would show that ok there’s I’m not putting you on the pedestal if some
people want martial law apparently that that’s how far the fear and panic that’s
how impulsive people have become that they’re so scared and they’re so
panicked reading that they they’re calling from martial law they don’t even
understand what that means so I yesterday I I brought up
Drock see chloroquine and and that was before tucker carlson interviewed the
dude that i mentioned and then this morning the president united states
actually mentioned it and so many people were tweeting about it last night so you
got some you got some a virus inside information here austa so if this thing
really works like they say it works and i think it does and even if it works
like 80% of or 70% of the way they think it works it is going it really should
wake everyone up to the fact that there is no reason to shut down the world and
the economies of the world i linked to a carl denature at the Market Ticker he
has been great with this and he talks about it today it’s only 22 minutes long
it’s a video played at 2 X so it only take 11 minutes and he says that you
know the current policy shutting everything down is it’s a failure of a
policy because people that the hospitals probably won’t get overridden with
people getting sick but and so they’ll have their ventilators but guess what
when anyone gets put on a ventilator no matter for whatever reason 90% of the
time you’re gonna die so we’re risking the entire economy so that people will
be able to get put on ventilators and that there won’t be a pat you know
enough ventilators for everyone but then they’re gonna die anyway like so how
about this if you’re at risk or if you’re sick you take this anti-malarial
and then you won’t have to go to the hospital now and everyone can stay away
from if people want to touch other people and lick other people and people
want to wear masks that’s great also but and another thing is people if you feel
sick don’t go to the hospital there’s no reason that go to hospital because
you’re gonna get sicker if you go to the hospital if you feel like you’re going
to die yeah then go to the hospital okay but be the main thing is is if it’s if
this anti malarial works there there’s no excuse there’s no excuse for all
these people still calling to shut the shut everything down this is the
solution alright this is the solution now so and Karl damager really puts it
nicely in his video why not so when I was at synagogue today and it was it was
very interesting to be at the synagogue this morning was a guy had he got
married a man got married to his lady today and he it was his plan D this this
virus had changed his plans like four different times to the point where he
had had to get married on a Thursday morning at a very small synagogue but so
I was an honor to be there and to help him out and he had his son there who’s
23 years old and it was just a pleasure speaking to this 23 year old kid because
he he’s not worried about this stuff he’s not worried at all and as I said
before if you’re if you’re a 23 year old kid and this keeps up if it gets if it
gets crazy or if there’s martial law or something I mean you definitely you are
strong you should riot and people will be I think they’ll get the point at that
point because you know you should not be sacrificing your life for I mean this is
the prime of their freakin lives okay they shouldn’t be losing their jobs they
should be getting jobs now one thing that I did notice at synagogue there was
a guy there who definitely he’s not a scared person but he’s definitely
susceptible to disease this guy pulled out a bag filled with pill bottles I
mean there must have been eight five bottles of poop pills in there
I couldn’t pull I couldn’t believe it he starts talking about his diabetes is
this is that America is sick America is sick but this guy was taking a chance
being out when there’s a sickness and there’s all sorts of sicknesses going on
when you have to when you’ve got a bag filled with pills I mean that is extreme
but it reminded me of there are a lot of people like that and that’s why we we’ve
got to this point because out of those people are in power or have money or are
scared and or vote that that’s the big thing and that the politicians know that
people like that they’ve got to appeal to them and people feel bad for people
like that and I feel bad for that guy but he’s got to take personal
responsibility and when you’re on when you’ve got eight different pills but I
mean ten different pill buy it was unbelievable how many different pill
bottles he had in there when you’re in that sin type of situation uh yeah you
really should consider locking yourself in or and if he’s on that many pills one
more that the hydrochloric prepper mine or whatever that that might be uh he
asked your doctor again if you are in the susceptible population to disease if
you’re older ask your doctor about this if because the the anti malarial again
there are side effects there are side effects it’s not perfect okay no
scapegoating though people no scapegoating were fifty three days one
day closer to an all-time high fifty three days away from behaving and
speaking of the having be great duty I mean Tel Aviv stated what I knew was
about to be said we are officially postponing the Tel
Aviv having party we will make up for it so stay tuned so they’ll reschedule
phobia don’t be another having party be patient be a long-term thinker they
throw the best parties there in Tel Aviv and they they had to shut it down
unfortunately because the Israeli government is as ridiculous as the
United States government if not more so when it comes to this
situation okay let’s swear to us do I have in my bag of tricks
um so stop the panic hashtag uh oh yeah yeah let’s go back to the let’s go back
to the virus stuff real quick and this is why an anti what I’m about to share
it we need an antibody test to see who already has gotten this virus and used
thus immune to it because it appears and this is a tweet I know far too many
healthy guys like and he lists some healthy famous guys who got some super
flu last year these are highly fit people I’m calling it out now the virus
hit the u.s. back in December we just didn’t know it and called it the normal
flu and in this threads lots of other people shared stories about how yeah in
December I got really sick all right okay so and if there was an antibody
test that everyone could take or anyone could take that wanted to they can see
if they already had antibodies against this virus and thus they already got it
they just didn’t know what they had so that I found that to be very interesting
tweet you guys out there in the world what here in the United States just the
case I undo some research here what city what state is the best for noncompliance
to that that’s not you know laying the smackdown on people saying hey you can’t
gather you can’t do this you can’t go here shut everything down what state or
city do you know any I mean I thought I was gonna be proactive and like start
contacting Ron’s and say like hey but I just don’t have time hey you should uh
you should advertise yourself as the one city or state in America where people
can be free still but does anyone have any recommendations I’m open my eat my
ears are open here is I mean there’s a part of me that’s a little worried about
Passover in in Baltimore um I hope things get better I think
people really need to come to their senses over what’s going on and learn
about it and they’ll be able to come to their senses from learning about the
anti-malarial solution that that is clearly out there now and and and
listened to denature as a podcast seriously link to below
so IIIi on a podcast I heard yesterday some people were saying that not having
a free market with the medical system you’re seeing the results right now
that’s why they can’t provide more beds okay if Apple runs out of iPhones they
can produce more iPhones very very fast okay so this is what’s
going on now is a reason to be against socialized medicine that they it’s hard
to produce when you’re living in a socialized system it’s hard to produce
more or anything and that in the medical system is a socialized system right now
let it be free market I mean a lot of people that sounds scary to people casts
eighths is bitcoinmeister do you think you’ll ever vote in an election again
yeah I was planning on voting in this election when I’m back home in Maryland
I won’t they delayed the election though so I assume there won’t know I know
there won’t be early voting there was gonna be early voting and I was gonna
vote in it I was gonna vote me because it’s pretty it’s pretty easy I go
running right near the early voting location it takes me two seconds i I
don’t it’s not that big of a deal one make that big of a difference I wouldn’t
make a difference at all but I was going to vote I didn’t know everyone would
drop out by then either um so it really I was good I was gonna vote so yeah I
will vote in an election again I don’t see a reason why I want an election
again I’m not gonna go out of my way to vote in elections though okay like in a
different country I’m not sending for absentee ballots
like that okay once you three knows who said I was twenty-two last year and got
but I don’t put election on a pedestal I mean I don’t worship those people I was
twenty-two last year and I got the flu for the first time in my life I wonder
if I had the virus I mean if it was if it was in December it really is possible
it’s really possible that you did who knows who knows let’s get that antibody
tests there and so if there was a free market for this kind of thing someone
would produce the test they would sell it and be very popular I mean people are
curious people aren’t curious about such a thing
all right well it looks like my mother emailed me I wonder what she’s gay uh
yeah my my family members I try not to talk to them that much about this stuff
cause I know all of my all my immediate family members they are uh they’re not
as laid-back about this as I am a nice way of putting it and I’m sure everyone
everyone’s got deal with family and I’m sure a lot of you guys who were calm I
definitely have relatives who watch the mainstream media and uh yeah my mom
would she’s she’s got regular TV there she can get on the computer what’s nice
does she go to AOL I mean with she’ll see uh the nonsense type of stuff she
doesn’t go to the altar she gets the emails from all her lady friends about
oh look the 30 year old got sick it’s unrelated sent to me after that and I my
mom is over a certain age obviously she’s over 55 right so she can
personally be worried but yeah family members younger family members of mine
you all know that I have siblings yep they’re more worried than Adam is too to
say the least all right we’re gonna be on Bitcoin
territory there aren’t we so where does this help what is this oh here this is
from a yeah this is from a guy like really ripped dude who could like crush
the people who make these rules how is the weed shop open wait and this is a
guy from LA how is the weed shop open with 30 to 40 people in their neck to
neck but I can’t have six to eight people in a clean constantly sanitized
fitness studio not touching or sharing equipment that’s a really good question
dude because the government doesn’t know what they’re doing yeah let the pot stop
shop be open but this dude he can’t be open because people who are doing the
healthy place is punished where people are getting healthy things done and it’s
punished but the pot shop we’re letting them stay open maybe because they’re
playing paying the special pot taxes I don’t know why and their net there
they’re back to back in there there they’re ruining their lungs more so that
if they got sick it’ll be worse for them and yes you can see that tweet again I
linked to that I made Chevalier guy buts he’s awesome Oh Vinny link amp so Vinny
link him says to shut everything down until May first he has a tweet about
that now I don’t share that tweet but I share a reply that I thought put it all
in perspective and was the best reply out there so Vinny says shut down the
the world for two months basically are almost two months and this person had a
little wisecrack tweet and it says the following
I am also calling on the planet to stop killing 50 million alive unborn humans
imagine if they pause for two whole hours they’ll save more lives than the
virus has thus far claimed town that like button okay so uh struck out 2024
don’t don’t follow the herd people feeding it is overrated let’s see oh
I’ve got the wrong thing open again let’s see if they’re questions all right
someone said Alaska to go to it’s kind of cold there but
I’ll look into it Anchorage is not as cold as people think because it’s on the
water I mean it’s probably bad wind chill but it the interior is horrified
obviously Fairbanks is is like a nightmare unknown to to most men but
Anchorage is a relative better than you expect and then during the summer who’s
hot there right was it hot didn’t it like it was humid when I was there and
once I was there as – during the summer and the mosquitoes that was that’s what
was annoying it wasn’t hot there were mosquitoes that that was annoying and okay I sent this to a friend of mine
okay that’s the end of the show by the way I sent this email to a friend as I
was telling him about being a synagogue today if Los Angeles or California or
the United States make gathering at a shul illegal I will gladly go to shul to
carry on secret services and if the police come to shut it down I will
resist and it will be one of the greatest moments of my life
hopefully it will not come to this we will resist that’s the attitude I had
people get ready to resist do not be a compliant boot licker just have that in
your mind and if you’ve got that attitude that you will resist it is
contagious because it is so positive people respect it and people’s mindset
about this will go from panic to like no let’s let’s be with the strong people
here who aren’t gonna take this aren’t gonna take this government this is
government overreach it’s not protection it is gut it is government overreach it
is tyranny and just have that we will we will resist attitude be a Bitcoin a free
thinker Finnegan is overrated all right dudes are you pumped for tomorrow’s of
this week of Bitcoin in 24 hours i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister town that like button bang that bow button remember you got a
new show here every day and I will push the stop button follow
me on Twitter is I set everything up differently today hopefully it recorded
well thanks a lot guys I will say hi to you dudes in the tweet
in May a chat in a second and stop livestream

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