Bob Harper’s Heart Attack Made Him Feel Like A ‘Biggest Loser’ Contestant

– And you actually have
your own story, right, that you’re bringing to the table. And I find insanely possible.
– Thanks! – Like, go ahead and tell everybody. They’re not going to believe you. – Yeah, so I weighed 322
pounds about five years ago. (audience applauding and cheering) – Like, that’s incredible. – Thank you. So, you know, weighing that and then coming to be a
trainer on The Biggest Loser five years later is just insane. But you know I’m a single mom. I just beat stage II
thyroid cancer this year. – Wow! Congratulations! (audience cheering and applauding) Wow, you have had quite a life. – [Lugo] Yeah, so. – Just hurdle and hurdle and yeah. – Yeah.
– Yup. – And I feel like everything’s kind of brought me to this point. And to share that experience and what I’ve gone through
with the contestants, I’ve had to relive that. And I get what they’re going through. So, for me, it’s such a fulfilling thing to be like, “I get it.” Like those tears you’re crying? I’ve cried those tears. Like that burpee you’re complaining about? I’ve also cried with that burpee. – Oh my god, I hate burpees. It’s like the devil’s work. – Yes it is. – It’s true though. I mean, it’s completely different but the analogy of it is everybody always asks me about The Voice, what I love about The Voice. It’s the same thing. I’ve actually been in their shoes. And when you’re actually
trying to coach someone that you’ve been in their shoes, you feel like you have
some kind of connection that maybe everybody can’t have, you know? So that’s probably, coming
from you, that means a lot. You know what I’m saying? That you’ve been able
to shed all that weight and like change your life.
– Yeah. She really put her heart
all over the gym floor every moment that she was there. She’s the real deal, she really
delivered every single day. And we’re just so lucky to have her. – Oh my god. The combination of this is awesome. (audience cheering and clapping) So but you’re bringing a
new perspective, right? ‘Cause you had a heart attack, right? – I did, it’s been almost three years now. I had a heart attack when I
was living in New York City. And not only did I have a heart attack, but I went into cardiac arrest. So I felt a Biggest Loser
contestant during my recovery because I went from doing CrossFit and being able to work
out so hard all the time to not being able to
walk around a city block without feeling winded. Had to change everything
about the way that I ate. And everything about the
way that I worked out. And as I was going through my
rehab I was just like, wow. This is what it feels like
to start back at square one. And that’s what I’ve gone through. – Gosh. Once again, though, it means so much more. I know that sucks having
had to go through that. – It’s the worst gift you could ever get. But you know what? You make something out of it. – Yeah, you can relate to them, though. Like people you can relate and say “Hey, I’ve had to work
from the ground up, too.” It means something
different when you say that.

15 Replies to “Bob Harper’s Heart Attack Made Him Feel Like A ‘Biggest Loser’ Contestant”

  1. even when you exercise……relax….dont push yourself!………..heart attack is not only for the lazy unfit people………its for the stressful people…

  2. Bob Harper was already fit, and he had a heart attack. I'm out of shape, so now I'm scared of having one since my odds are much higher. I better do something to save my own life ASAP.

  3. I wish Whoever’s picking out Kelly’s clothes would do a better job. She is so pretty and sweet but the way she is dressed makes her look almost frumpy.

  4. Made him feel….. fat? Cause he was always dogging those contestants and telling them how their fat could harm them.

    He had a heart attack. He should only relate himself to someone who's had a heart attack. Not every contestant on the show has had or will have a heart attack. Biggest Loser is trash.

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