Body Transformations from Freeletics – Motivation Video: Grind to Great

Change. Change happens everywhere. Change happens all the time. Unfortunately, people are afraid of change… They call it fate, they call it bad luck, they call it difficult circumstances. But let me tell you something: You decide if change is for the good for you. You decide if change is for good. You decide if change is bad for you. You see, it is you who decides if you want to drive change and become the maker of your fate or if you let change happen to you. Because life is not about how hard you hit. Life is about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward. Don’t ever make excuses. Keep moving forward because that’s how greatness is made. And suddenly, your sore muscles beg you to stop. Your short breath whispers: “You’re too weak.” “It’s too cold.” “You can finish that tomorrow.” “Just stop.” “Just stop right now.” “Give up.” “Continue another day.” Your will is on the line right now. And who are you listening to? Your heart beats in the ears and your willpower blinks like a low battery. Good. You finished day 1 of your transformation. From there it really gets tough. Welcome to the grind. So, what would you do now? It’s simple: Grind on. Grind through it. Give it your all. There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, just now. Grind, grind! You must grind to be great. Leave fear and doubt behind. Unleash your inner beast, your inner force, all your potential. Right here, right now. Give it to me. Don’t just give it up for your family and friends, you give it up for you. You see, greatness isn’t reached in one day or in 15 weeks. Greatness is a lifelong process. Your lifelong change to get better. So before you go to bed tonight ask yourself: Was I better today than I was yesterday? And if your answer is yes, you’re on your way.

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  1. Thank you for this video guys , be in the video is the most beautiful thing that I could imagine! thanks thanks thanks CLAP CLAP

  2. Awesome motivational video, and I loved how you choosed all those freeathletes seana, Alex, Levent, Garfa, Mel, Arne, Stefan…. Damn I will never rejet discovering freeletics.

  3. Hey ! Il y a 8 passages de ma vidéo dedans ; dont 7 ou on m'y voit =) Haha ^^
    Hey ! there's 8 parts of my video in it ! And 7 times where i can be seen =) Haha ^^

  4. Job Well Done!!! Pumps up your blood and forces you to let go of your excuses and start the journey to greatness right now, not tomorrow but right now. Brilliant effort 🙂

  5. I was on my way but then got injured. Broke a bone and messed up a ligament (nothing to do with Freeletics). Excited to see the guy who broke his ankle on the video. I got another 6 to 8 months before I get back into this but I can't wait.

  6. Im doing freeletic's exercises everyday by 20mn that include, Push-up, Sit-up, Jump, lung, jumping jack, run, ( i dont know all of those exercises name) it's all sum up is 13 exercises…… and no break time.

    Can i lose 10kg in 15weeks ? Currently 82kgs. Pls give a feedback.

  7. Thsi is amazing, every time I dont feel like working out I watch this video, and its on. sometimes we need motivation like this to get us out and going.

  8. I have a question for you Freeletics, if I downloaded all the apps would a coach from one of them pay for all the apps or would I have to pay for them individually?

  9. habt ihr schön gemacht, aber die Videos, welche Euch groß gemacht haben (ala Levent & Co), finde ich motivierender. Der Sprecher hier geht einem auch etwas aufn Sack mit seiner Betonung – etwas too much:D

  10. This is far best motivational video I ve ever seen.I will not quit no matter what I feel during the exercises.I am starting Freeletics this week.Wish me luck.

  11. Can you guys give me all the athletes names?
    I want to follow them on Freeletics! I already follow Levent and Arne but I don't know who are the others. thanks

  12. I love your motivational videos so much! Everytime I become too lazy to do workouts and start finding excuses I watch one of them and they really help me out! Thank you!


  14. Freeletics has definitely changed my life, I've never been in better shape and it's thanks to Freeletics!

  15. I am trying to gain weight and gaining some is already hard for me that's why I stopped my workouts just to not shred weight. But now I'm worried that after I gained my goal weight it will be all too hard again for me. I really want to workout so badly.

  16. All of the guys in this video : you can be proud of your effort! You're amaizing! Great job to Freeletics. I do crossfit but the results with your program are awesome

  17. Been working out for 3 weeks, started freeletics a couple of days ago, day 2 completed, no rest. Keep going, eat well, don't stop.

  18. When feeling lost i keep coming to this video.So much motivation in few minutes.We need more videos like this freeletics, please!!

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